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Weed Coffee? Yeah No…We’ll Take The Real Thing


It’ll never be as good as either substance on its own.

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Gwyneth Paltrow: World’s Greatest Troll?


At first, Gwyneth Paltrow seems like a vapid, privileged, dumbass. But in actuality, she’s the single greatest celebrity troll since Andy Kaufman. Her idiotic, out-of-touch outlook on her fabulous life is nothing more than inspired dialogue ...

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Limp Bizkit’s Latest Comeback is Their Stupidest Idea Yet


Limp Bizkit is releasing their new single on cassette only, and you have to attend one of their shows to buy it. Outdated media, and an even more outdated band, what a lovely combo. We usually don’t condone giving up, but in Limp’s cas...

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Game of Thrones and the Most Shocking TV Deaths Ever (*SPOILER CENTRAL*)


If you haven’t watched the most recent Game of Thrones, click elsewhere!

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5 Ways to Revive Breaking Bad While Keeping Walter White Dead


Bryan Cranston just teased that Walter White might still be alive and that maybe one day, the show could come back. People are going crazy with happiness and anticipation, even though the character returning would ruin his story. Here’s how ...

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‘Sin City: A Dame to Kill For’ and Six Other Banned Movie Posters


The sheer suckitude of the MPAA has been well documented. In some cases, their poster-bans are justified; in others, it’s just plain stupid. In all cases, though, the banning likely just made the posters more viral — which is why censorship ...

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‘Milkshake’ Quoted in Scripps Spelling Bee Because Kids Love BJ Jokes


The judge of the Scripps spelling bee responded to a request for the word “feijoada” by quoting Kelis’s hit song “Milkshake”. Everyone laughed and laughed and conveniently ignored how a middle-aged man just referenced...

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Coffee Dad: Twitter Joke, Depressing Existential Quandary


Coffee Dad is a joke Twitter that, the more you read it, turns into a depressing showcase of loss and never-ending grief. Some people, simply can’t pull themselves up by their bootstraps and keep on keepin’ on, no matter how much caffe...

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Holy Taco Bad Book Club: Pro Wrestling Poetry


“Parts Unknown: Wrestling, Gimmicks, and Other Works” is a book of avant garde pro wrestling poetry by Michael Holmes. It’s as bad as it sounds, and the endless string of obscure references and insider terms paint the “poet...

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America Doesn’t Have the World’s Fattest Kids…But We’re Pretty Damn Close


Oh, so I guess all you fat-ass Italian and Greek kids think you’re BETTER than us, huh??

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