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This Mom Tanned with her 5 Year Old: An Interview


You may have heard of Patricia Krentcil, the 44 year old New Jersey mother who was arrested for taking her 5 year old daughter to a tanning salon. We sent our man Matt Lauer out to find her (he just followed the smell of mesquite) to conduct a qu...

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The GIF Hole


I gave my love a GIF, it had no bones.

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5 Girls You’ll Meet at the Avengers Premiere


This Friday is the premiere of Marvel’s The Avengers, the biggest thing to happen to comic book movies since Dolph Lundgren made us all fall in love with the Punisher. The movie is sure to be huge and will rake in more money than any of us are eve...

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How to Start a Third Political Party


So, you’ve decided to ruin the political system in America, good for you. Running for office is never an easy task, and trying to not be either a Democrat or a Republican is basically suicide. And hey, for you Canadians, try running on a Green P...

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If Your Ex-Girlfriend Is a Dentist, She Will Pull Out Your Teeth


Anna Mackowiak, a dentist in Poland, just pulled what has to be one of the most horrifying, yet impressive, acts of post-break up revenge you’ll probably hear of any time soon.

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The Walking Carl: Chapter 5


I have a serious problem. Remember zombie Stephen Hawking from last week? Well, I thought I took care of him with a Roman candle, but I guess I just scorched his head a bit. And for whatever reason he seems to have really enjoyed it because he ...

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Who Will Go #1 In The 2034 NFL Draft?

black african american baby with cool facial expression

Folks, we’re all currently steeped deep within the burly, possibly HGH raging heart of the NFL draft, a glorious time of year when we watch college kids walk on to a stage to put on a hat that will no longer fit them once they become stars and the...

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Silver Screen Scoop: Grandpa Edition


My typing hand cramped up on me this week as a result of extensive and exhaustive corn shucking, so I had to get my grandfather Howard to put together the silver screen scoop for the week. Having never heard of any of these movies owing to not ha...

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The GIF Hole


One time I met a GIF on a lonely road at night and gave it a ride. We talked about our family and friends and work and whatever and eventually we came to an old farm house where I dropped the GIF off. The next day I saw the GIF had left its wat...

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Get Your Cell Phones The Hell Out of the Movie Theater


CinemaCon is a meeting held in Las Vegas where movie theater owners and movie industry types come together to talk about various aspects of the business of movies, from the latest technologies to the new and stupidly expensive junk food companies ...

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