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MMA in Lingerie: The Most Pointless “Sexy” Idea Ever


There’s a lingerie MMA league, called the Lingerie Fighting Championships. It tosses out all the tasty parts of pro wrestling, MMA, reality TV, and sex, blending behind nothing but a bland, pointless glop that gives the viewer shockingly lit...

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Great Failures from the Past: The Bud Bundy Rap Album


The guy who portrayed Bud Bundy, David Faustino, was huge into rap, despite being tiny and white. He even released an album, because nobody told him Grandmaster B was a joke. His single “I Told Ya” is still on YouTube, because Satan...

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Sign of the Apocalypse #168: Fast Food Restaurants to Begin Replacing Workers with Robots


“Robots are the Illegal Immigrants of the Future,” Says One University of Oxford Study

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A Serial Tickler Invades Boston — And He’s Black?!?!?


It’s like something straight out of Revenge of the Nerds, and I love it.

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Scooter the Cat Has No Nuts and Just So Much Attitude


A company called Give Them Ten wants you to spay or neuter your pets. Their secret weapon is Scooter, the hippest, coolest cat in the Universe. He has no nuts, and is thus free to wear shades, gold chains, and strut around while stereotypical R...

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4 Reasons the Pizza Underground Band Doesn’t Suck


Macaulay Culkin’s new band, the Pizza Underground, has been met with much resistance from Velvet Underground fans, pissed off that the band takes VU songs and transforms them into pizza odes. Here’s why the band isn’t nearly as s...

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The Kim Jong-Un Video Game: An Exercise in Lazy Satire


“Glorious Leader” is an upcoming video game where you play as Kim Jong-Un, out to destroy America. It’s clearly satire, except it’s lazy, unoriginal satire, the worst kind. They mock Jong-Un exactly like everybody else does...

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The Pros and Cons of Walking Your Dog with a Drone


Jeff Myers bought a drone, attached a leash to it, and let it lead his pooch down a lonely, lonely path. It made us wonder — should you actually let a robot walk your dog? We weighed every single pro and con imaginable, in our version of a s...

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Happy, the New McD’s Mascot: Not Scary, Just Terribly Unfunny


Despite Twitter’s best jokes, Happy the New McDonald’s mascot isn’t scary or evil. It is, however, terrible. This might be the unfunniest, most obnoxious mascot in years. Its whole shtick is to make everybody around it laugh, but...

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Jack Hyer: An Epic Wedding Proposal from an Epic Maniac


Jack Hyer is a viral sensation after spending four four years recording his wedding proposal. He started recording it after his first date with his now-fiancee. That’s not romantic — that’s scary.

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