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Sonia Dara Pictures


Where You’ve Seen Her: Sonia Dara is probably one of the only models who looks naturally thin. I used to not want to go to India after seeing Slumdog Millionaire, but she’s definitely making me reconsider. Pointless Quote: “The...

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Have a Michelle Baker Christmas

Our friend Michelle Baker sent us some more pics for the holiday season because she’s giving and because we’re not above begging like desperate vagabonds. Enjoy your holidays everyone and check out more of Michelle here.

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Taylor Cole Pictures


Where You’ve Seen Her: Taylor Cole is Megan Fox’s Hotter, Smarter Sister who should be as popular as Megan Fox. She also seems like less of a bitch, which is a huge plus. Aside from Modeling numerous time, she’s been in severa...

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Elle Liberachi Pictures

Where You’ve Seen Her: No, Elle Liberachi is not related to THE Liberachi, which I’m sure you were all wondering right away. She’s been rumored to be the new face of modeling and rightly should given Gisele and Klum are well p...

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Amber Heard Pictures


    Where You’ve Seen Her: Amber Heard got her start as one of the stars on the hit movie ‘Friday Night Lights’.  But now, she’s recently admitted to being a lesbian, which puts her on a whole new tier o...

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MILF Monday: Autumn Reeser


  Where You’ve Seen Her: Autumn Reeser is a relatively well known actress and model who, since age 6, has been performing in musicals before moving on to film and commercial work.  Her big break as a model came with her Maxim feat...

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MILF Monday: Vera Farmiga


  Where You’ve Seen Her: Vera Farmiga is one of the best actresses out there,  starring in hit films like The Departed and Up in the Air.  But despite her roles in these high ranking films, she’s still not afraid to get...

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Rosie Jones Pictures


  Where You’ve Seen Her: Rosie Jones is one of the unsung heroes in glamour modeling, but she’s well on her way to becoming a star.  Recently she starred in the new Old Spice Parody and went topless, which seems to be a runn...

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Kim Cloutier Pictures


    Where You’ve Seen Her: Most models I find repulsively thin, but something about Kim Cloutier makes me not care about all the Nachos she’s missing out on.  She was in last years Sports Illustrated Swim Suit ...

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Angie Sanclemente Valencia Pictures


    Where You’ve Seen Her: Angie Sanclemente Valencia used to be a bikini and Lingerie model in Columbia. So what is she doing now, you ask?  Why, getting prosecuted for being the ringleader in one of the largest cocaine smugg...

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