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Adina Barbu Pictures


Where You’ve Seen Her: Adina Barbu is a Romanian model who has had one badass life.  She spent many years in Japan and dated a prominent member of the Yakuza and is considered to have the biggest boobs in her home country.  I’d make a...

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Jenni Gregg Pictures


Where You’ve Seen Her: Jenni Gregg is a Czech model who’s last name is more difficult to spell than her stage name of Gregg.  The bulk of her work has been in Europe, but she did appear in Penthouse for both the US and Germany. Pointl...

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Cristina Del Basso Pictures


Where You’ve Seen Her: Cristina Del Basso is one fine Italian.  The star of Italy’s Big Brother 9, she’s gone on to Model for numerous Italian magazines while remaining a student.  Oh, what I’d do to be her professor. Poin...

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Cynthia Urias Pictures


Where You’ve Seen Her: Cynthia Urias is a Mexican TV Host and Actress who is notable for always playing the Villain.  I think we can all agree the villain chick is always hotter than the lead.

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MILF Monday: Ali Landry


Where You’ve Seen Her: Ali Landry is world renown for her 1998 Doritos Commercial which apparently launched her career into such feats as marrying Mario Lopez and co-creating the hit film Bella.  She’s also ridiculously hot. MILF Stat...

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Lisa Marie Scott Pictures


Where You’ve Seen Her: Lisa Marie Scott is one of the most underrated model/actresses out there.  She got her first big break posing in Playboy back in the mid 90s and since then has been in FHM and Vanity Fair, as well as starring in Marri...

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Andreea Mantea Pictures


Where You’ve Seen Her: Andreea Mantea is a TV Hostess in her home of Bucharest, Romania.  She’s also been in a string of Romanian TV shows and has posed for Playboy and numerous car shows.  Hopefully Fast & the Furious makes thei...

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Anna Sedokova Pictures


Where You’ve Seen Her: Anna Sedokova is a Ukrainian Pop Singer who used to sing in the group Nu Virgos, which I’m assuming means New Virgins.  Good to know they’re new instead of old.

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Melanie Iglesias Pictures


Where You’ve Seen Her: Melanie Iglesias reinforces why we need to intermix.  She’s everything from White to Filipina to Italian, to Brazilian.  She was also New York’s Maxim hometown hottie and a member on the World Poker Tour&#...

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MILF Monday: Natalie Portman


Where You’ve Seen Her: Natalie Portman, you finally went and done it, you got knocked up by a ballet dancer. We all know her as…well, the hottest girl that ever lived…ever. MILF Status: Natalie is due for her first child, which...

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