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Booty of the Day: Laura Carmine, Red Hot Telenovela Star [13 PHOTOS]


Laura is a Philadelphia-born actress of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent who has been lighting up telenovelas — or “Mexican soap operas” for you gringos out there — since 2008.

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25 Photos of Alissa Bourne — Model, Actress, Blonde Bombshell


“I’ve never been in love, but lust and I are pretty well acquainted.”

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Classic Crush: 27 Photos of Nancy Cameron, ’70s Playboy Playmate


Nancy now teaches college composition at the University of Pittsburgh, and she’s probably still a total babe at age 60.

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Babes of Yore: Sexy Actresses in Their 40s and 50s Who Still Got It


It’s easy to lose track of the celebrities we wanted to bang when we were young. Good thing I’m here to keep track for you.

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Classic Crush: 31 Photos of Betty Brosmer, Legendary Pin-Up Girl


Betty Brosmer might be the most famous model you’ve never heard of.

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Paulina Gretzky’s Golf Digest Cover Draws Hate From Lady-Golfers


Do sexy women have any place in golf, or golf-related reading materials? The debate rages on.

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Hottest Webcam Girl of the Year Tournament: Vote Now for the Elite 8!


Earlier this month, our good buddies at EveryJoe.com kicked off their Hottest Webcam Girl of the Year tournament, and the field has just been narrowed down to the Elite 8. So who will advance to the next round? That’s where you come in, Tacos.

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30 Photos of Ai Shinozaki, Insanely Sexy Japanese Model/Singer


Ai Shinozaki is basically the Japanese Kate Upton, and by that I mean she has massive breasts, a beautiful, doll-like face, and I love to watch her dance even though she can’t dance that well.

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21 Sexy Redheads Wearing Green — A St. Patrick’s Day Photo Tribute


Today is St. Patrick’s Day, the Irish holiday in which we celebrate public drunkenness, public drunkenness again, and beautiful women with red hair.

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Jen Selter’s Vanity Fair Photos Fall Short of Our Jen Selter Ass-Photo Standards


Jen Selter’s ass needs no introduction. Arguably the most famous ass on the Internet, Jen Selter’s ass has drawn over 2.6 million followers on Instagram, the vast majority of whom are thirsty dudes who frantically type out their fantas...

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