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23 Photos/GIFs of Lili Simmons, True Detective‘s Super-Hot Home-Wrecker


As soon as Beth uttered those nine magic words, we knew that Marty’s marriage was doomed.

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27 Photos of Hattie Watson, Tattooed Hipster Goddess


Is it weird to say that Hattie looks like a young and super-hot version of Sissy Spacek? That’s weird, isn’t it. Sorry.

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17 SFW Photos of Brett Rossi, Charlie Sheen’s Ex-Porn Star Fiancé


It will be the fourth marriage for Sheen, who has caught lots of attention for dating porn stars and publicly trashing his exes. So good luck, Brett, you’ve got your work cut out for you.

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Bar Refaeli Pictures


Where You’ve Seen Her: Bar Refaeli is one of the worlds hottest models…ever.  She recently got topless for GQ Italia as well, which deserves a nod of recognition. Pointless Quote: “Why is it good to die for one’s country? Isn...

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Kate Upton Pictures


Where You’ve Seen Her: Kate Upton is one of the hottest models of our time.  She was in this years SI Swimsuit edition and has modeled for all the big players.  I think this is because she has real boobs and actually eats food. Pointless Qu...

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Amber Lancaster Pictures


Where You’ve Seen Her: Amber Lancaster was a Seattle Seahawks Cheerleader before becoming a Maxim hometown hottie.  Then, she landed the greatest gig ever invented by man — the Price is Right girl. Pointless Quote: “We were technicall...

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MILF Monday: Elle MacPherson


Where You’ve Seen Her: Elle MacPherson is one of the worlds best known supermodels.  She’s also 48 years old, and still looking damn fine. MILF Status: Elle has two sons named Arpad and Aurelius, who are both fully expected to try and...

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Holly Willoughby Pictures


Where You’ve Seen Her: Holly Willoughby is the presenter of Dance on Ice and has gained notoriety stripping in public for noble causes…like Stripping. Pointless Quote: “One day, maybe, I might just be that sex goddess.”

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Chantelle Houghton Pictures


Where You’ve Seen Her: Chantelle Houghton is an English model and Celebrity Big Brother, even though she wasn’t a celebrity at the time.  But now that she was on it, she is, putting her on the E list for sure. Pointless Quote: “...

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Heather Shanholtz Pictures


Where You’ve Seen Her: Heather Shanholtz is an American Model who, big surprise, lives in Miami.  She’s part Native American, which is very evident with her blonde hair and white skin, and makes her all the more exotic. Pointless Quot...

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