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Catrinel Menghia


  Where you’ve seen her: Aside from being in a few random photo shoots for Maxim and FHM, and having a name that sounds like a disgusting disease, Catrinel Menghia did a bunch of modeling in Romania. Which means she’s either a fi...

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25 Sexy Brazilian Soccer Fans

One more day until the World Cup.  We haven’t really settled on a favorite to win it all.  But if the competition came down to sexiest fans, Brazil would win before the first game even started.  

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Totally BS Profile Of: Masuimi Max

  Korean and German fetish model Masuimi max popped up on our radar’s way back when she appeared as an apparently very cold contestant on Fear Factor, a show that you may recall was mostly about hot chicks eating bugs.  We felt li...

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Rita Guedes Pictures


  Where You’ve Seen Her: In Brazil, I think. Her bio was written in portugese, and I was too lazy to find an american version. I recognized the word "cinema" so I’m thinking she’s in movies or something. Either...

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Megan Fox Pictures


    Where you’ve seen her: You’ve seen Megan Fox in Transformers 1 & 2, your wet dreams, your dry dreams, and any other dreams you might have and…oh wait — she’s not going to be the next Transformers mov...

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Carla Bruni Pictures


  Where You’ve Seen Her: Carla Bruni is the first lady of France.  Aside from her being the hottest first lady in the world, she also redeems the horrible stigma France has given itself for being annoying and retarded…aside ...

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Tammin Sursok


  Where You’ve Seen Her: Tammin Sursok is a South African actress and singer.  She’s a well known musician in Johannesburg.  After seeing District 9, I’m starting to believe everyone in South Africa has Star Wars ...

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Monica Keena Pictures


  Where You’ve Seen Her: Monica Keena is best known for her outstanding work on the hit show Dawson’s Creek.  And since I met the dad character in that show, that makes me one degree away from her, which is even closer to be...

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Danica McKellar Pictures


  Where You’ve Seen Her: If you don’t recognize who Danica McKellar is…perhaps the name Winnie may ring a bell.  Remember!  From Wonder Years?  Yeah, this is her, and shes really hot ank back in the spotlight...

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Katy Perry Pictures


   Where You’ve Seen Her: We all know Katy Perry.  She’s a loose-moraled hot chick who once titled a song UR So Gay, just to give you an idea of her music.  Even better, she’s been named Maxim’s hottest...

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