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Holly Willoughby Pictures


Where You’ve Seen Her: Holly Willoughby is the presenter of Dance on Ice and has gained notoriety stripping in public for noble causes…like Stripping. Pointless Quote: “One day, maybe, I might just be that sex goddess.”

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Chantelle Houghton Pictures


Where You’ve Seen Her: Chantelle Houghton is an English model and Celebrity Big Brother, even though she wasn’t a celebrity at the time.  But now that she was on it, she is, putting her on the E list for sure. Pointless Quote: “...

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Heather Shanholtz Pictures


Where You’ve Seen Her: Heather Shanholtz is an American Model who, big surprise, lives in Miami.  She’s part Native American, which is very evident with her blonde hair and white skin, and makes her all the more exotic. Pointless Quot...

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MILF Monday: Kim Kardashian


Where You’ve Seen Her: If you’re breathing, you know who Kim Kardashian is.  And though she is stunningly attractive, her face also resembles an aliens, for whatever reason. MILF Status: Okay, Kim is not pregnant, but she did say she&...

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Elsa Pataky Pictures


Where You’ve Seen Her: Elsa Pataky is a Spanish Actress who’s most notable for being on the infamous Snakes on a Plane.  She’s also dating Adrian Brody…………………………and cou...

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Evan Rachel Wood Pictures


Where You’ve Seen Her: Evan Rachel Wood is an actress known for being the crazy 13 year old in Thirteen, as well as being the crazy vampire goddess in True Blood. And with her revealing she’s Bisexual, I think we can now call her Capt...

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Brooklyn Decker Pictures


Where You’ve Seen Her: Brooklyn Decker is definitely one of the hottest models in the world.  And now some scandalous nude pics of her have leaked online from a photo shoot she did years back with Mark Squire.  Thank god for the internet. P...

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Maryna Linchuk Pictures


Where You’ve Seen Her: Maryna Linchuk is a model from Belarus, which I’m sure you can all easily locate on any map.  She’s been in anything from Vogue to Victoria’s secret.  I just cant wait for her appearance in Vogue Bel...

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MILF Monday: Naomi Watts


Where You’ve Seen Her: Naomi Watts is a name we haven’t seen or heard in a while.  She’s been in such movies as the PJ Stink bomb King Kong and the much overrated The Ring.  But her real feat was fapping on screen in the incompr...

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Sasha Grey Pictures


Where You’ve Seen Her: If you haven’t heard yet, Sasha Grey, the dirtiest girl in porn…is now quitting the adult world.  Though one part of me wants to scream “WHHHHHYYYY!!!”, another part realizes it’s the per...

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