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MILF Monday: Drea De Matteo


Where You’ve Seen Her: Drea De Matteo is the epitome of the hot Italian chick.  She’s probably best known for her role as Adriana in The Sopranos and is dealt a cruel fate…oh, wait, [spoiler alert]. MILF Status: Drea just gave b...

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Halle Berry Pictures


Where You’ve Seen Her: Halle Berry is no stranger to the taco.  But this time she made #2 in Maxims 100 Hottest WAGs of 2011.  #1?  Marilyn Monroe, but you will never see her on here…ever. Pointless Quote: “Sexiness is a state o...

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Elle Liberachi Pictures

Where You’ve Seen Her: Elle Liberachi is a british model who unfortunately bears no resemblance to the god himself…because I know you all love his piano jams.  Whatever…he’s a genius. Pointless Quote: “I’m so u...

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Danica Thrall Pictures


Where You’ve Seen Her: Danica Thrall is one of the sexiest models I’ve ever seen.  She also dislikes white socks.  I also dislike white socks, which means we should bang. Pointless Quote: “I’m not used to going out with gu...

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Jordana Brewster Pictures


Where You’ve Seen Her: Jordana Brewster got her start in the hit flick The Faculty which every 90s kid has seen, but she became really memorable [aside being hot] in the Fast and the Furious franchise, which is now facing it’s fifth i...

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MILF Monday: Zoey Deschanel


Where You’ve Seen Her: Zoey Deschanel would make any bachelor want to Marry. She’s been in anything from Elf to 500 Days of Summer and will only continue to go higher and higher. MILF Status: Okay, she’s not preggers yet, but s...

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Gloria Steinem Pictures


Where You’ve Seen Her: Obviously you guys have seen her at all our pep rallies talking about how strong us women are.  Don’t let the above picture fool you, Gloria is one tough cookie.  You go, girl! Pointless Quote: “A liberate...

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Adrianne Palicki Pictures


Where You’ve Seen Her: Adrianne Palicki is an actress who’s starred in a variety of TV shows that usually adhere to nerds and geeks — even better, she’s now going to play Wonder Woman in David Kelly’s new NBC revampi...

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Kimberly Davies Pictures


Where You’ve Seen Her: Kimberly Davies once again makes me question why so many Australian chicks are hot blondes?  I mean come on!  Was every English convict from Sweden?!?  Not that I’m complaining. Pointless Quote: “I’m...

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MILF Monday: Mel B


Where You’ve Seen Her: That’s right, Mel B, otherwise known as Scary Spice, is pregnant.  Since her days with the Spice Girls, she’s done a variety of Solo Albums and made sure her abs compete with The Situations. MILF Status: M...

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