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Aida Yespica Pictures


Where You’ve Seen Her: Aida Yespica looks like the Venezuelan version of Larissa Riquelme.  She was also a contestant in Miss Venezuela but didn’t win.  She’s since been busy as a star in Italy.  Next up — Jersey Shore! Po...

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Holly Valance Pictures


Where You’ve Seen Her: Holly Valance is a model/Pop Star from Australia.  She’s also been in Entourage and a few other American TV shows and lives in Los Angeles. Pointless Quote: “I dont want to be 35 years old and still poppi...

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MILF Monday: Kelly Brook


Where You’ve Seen Her: Kelly Brook is way too hot for her own good.  She’s been modeling ever since she was young, and most recently posed as a nerdy dominatrix girl (see below) which proves she’s just as much a freak as we all wish.  She w...

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Ryu Ji Hye


Where You’ve Seen Her: Ryu Ji Hye is amazing for two reasons.  1) She’s really hot, and 2) She shares the name of the Hadoken King.  It also happens to be the same name as a Ping Pong champion as well, which is even more epic.

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Emma Taylor Pictures


Where You’ve Seen Her: Emma Taylor is not the best known model out there, but she’s made the rounds, most notably being Miss Hawaiian Tropic of 2008.  From the looks of it, that sh*t works!

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Tyran Richards Pictures


Where You’ve Seen Her: Tyran Richard sounds like a Pro Sports player, but it’s actually the name of a model.  She was also 2007′s Playmate of the Year.  And no, she’s not Lauren Graham in Disguise. Pointless Quote: “...

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MILF Monday: Mariqueen Maandig


Where You’ve Seen Her: Not surprisingly, Mariqueen Maanding is Trent Reznors wife, because lets face it, if you’re Trent Reznor, you marry either a crazy Asian chick, or Satan.  In this case, I think he made the right choice. MILF Sta...

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Lily Aldridge Pictures


Where You’ve Seen Her: Lily Aldridge is a lingerie model who’s famous for…well, for posing in lingerie.  Both of her sisters are also models, Saffron and Ruby, and she’s dating the guitarist and singer for Kings of Leon.  ...

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Bree Olson Pictures


Where You’ve Seen Her: Bree Olson is quite simply…winning.  Some of us know of her work on screen, others for being Charlie Sheens girl, but everyone knows her for being a goddess…and having Tigers Blood. Pointless Quote: “...

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Aubrey O’Day Pictures


Where You’ve Seen Her: Aubrey O’ Day is an actress and model known for her Playboy posing and loose morals.  And what better way to shamelessly promote these values than by getting a reality show!  That’s right, Aubrey O’D...

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