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The 22 Greatest Ohio Mugshots of All Time


While Ohio is never going to catch up with Florida in terms of overall crazy, the Buckeye State has more than its share of insane behavior, and has the mugshots to prove it.

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Redhead of the Month: Emily Archer [32 Photos]


Major props to Zishy for introducing us to Emily Archer (aka Emily Hayworth) a beautiful redhead model who, sadly, just announced her hiatus from modeling.

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17 Photos of Sexy Argentinian Soccer Fans


Life is good for the people of Argentina right now.

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The 10 Most ‘WTF?’ Face Tattoos in Mugshots


Two sets of bad decisions in one picture.

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Classic Crush: 16 Photos of Christy Canyon, “Golden Era” Porn Star


Check out of our favorite photos of Christy in the gallery above, and if you have a suggestion for a future installment of Classic Crush, shoot it to us on twitter @HolyTaco.

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Meet Claudia Ochoa Felix, World’s Sexiest Drug Cartel Assassin (Allegedly)


Claudia Ochoa Felix has legs for days, ass for months, and can probably have you executed like the gringo dog you are.

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Eva Andressa: Foxy or Freaky? [39 Photos]


Eva has thighs like a prime Bo Jackson, and the bulging abs of a He-Man action figure. The question is: Are you into that sort of thing?

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‘Sin City: A Dame to Kill For’ and Six Other Banned Movie Posters


The sheer suckitude of the MPAA has been well documented. In some cases, their poster-bans are justified; in others, it’s just plain stupid. In all cases, though, the banning likely just made the posters more viral — which is why censorship ...

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16 Photos of Rachel Ann Mullins — Actress, Model, and ‘Entourage’ Sushi Girl


Rachel Ann Mullins is a Los Angeles-based actress who will be appearing in next year’s Entourage movie as a girl who gets sushi eaten off of her, hopefully not by that Turtle guy.

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Dakota Johnson and 21 More Sexy Celebrity Daughters


Celebs are usually good-looking, and they get to make whoopee with good-looking people and produce other hot people. It’s science, really.

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