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25 Costumes of Real People

kim jong il costume

Dressing up as a vampire or Sasquatch for Halloween is one thing, but there’s actually a new layer of creepy when you dress up as another person who already exists in the world and you’re just mimicking them thanks to their own Sasqua...

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25 of the Most Awesome Costumes Ever

awesome star wars costume

Halloween is fast approaching and that means, if you plan on hitting some parties, you should be getting your costume together. Odds are there isn’t time to make most of these, but that’s just because these costumes shame normal cost...

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25 Kick Ass Sidekicks

green hornet's sidekick

Any protagonist (or villain) wort his salt has a sidekick. Often times the sidekick is more awesome than the side he’s kicking. Or whatever. Anyway, here’s some sidekicks. Word.

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25 Intentionally Offensive Halloween Costumes


We have some more costumes for you today, this time it’s the desperate plea for attention costumes (no, not the sexy ones) – offensive costumes! Yes, nothing says fun and frolic quite like making others uncomfortable.

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25 Cartoon Versions of Real People

mel gibson south park

Everyone loves a celebrity guest appearance on a cartoon, that’s the only reason the Simpsons is still on the air. But they didn’t create the animated celebrity trend no sir. Let’s see who else got cartoony out there. Then to...

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25 Tattoos of Animals Gettin’ It On

dinosaur and elephant

Sometimes a tattoo has a deep, important meaning and sometimes it’s animals humping.

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25 Crappy Halloween Costumes

turd costume

Picking a Halloween costume isn’t easy – you want something that will be unique and interesting and hopefully not the same costume a million other people picked. And then, of course, you want to avoid crappy costumes. Incidentally, ...

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25 Places Bacon Doesn’t Belong

bacon lube

The other day we posted something on Twitter about bacon lube, not realizing it was a real thing. After learning the awful truth we went to see what other bacon atrocities we could find. This infatuation has gotten out of hand.

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25 Celebrities in Halloween Costumes

heidi klum costume

That blue, many-armed lady up there is Heidi Klum, who you might recall as a lady who is not blue normally. Yes, even famous people (or semi famous) like to partake in Halloween, and if you want to emulate your favorite celeb, then maybe this ga...

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25 Terribly Lame Kitchen Gadgets

egg cuber

We live in a world where everyone wants everything to be easier, and the Made for TV folks are there to try to usher that in with as many silly ass products as possible. But just remember kids, if there is a zombie apocalypse, and you survive it...

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