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25 People Who Fail at Dressing Themselves

obama dress

If you’ve been in public before you’ve probably run afoul of at least one bonehead who looks like they drink varnish before getting dressed. Well, it’s an epidemic. Look at these knuckleheads.

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25 Inedibly Nasty Lunch Meat Products

macaroni and cheese loaf

A proper deli will make you a sandwich that is 11 inches high made from smoked turkey breast. Satan’s deli will use Pimento loaf. Pimentos? Shut up. Here’s 25 awful meaty things for sandwiches.

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25 of the Happiest Mug Shots Ever


A while back we showed you a gallery of unhappy mug shots. But that was a downer and we don’t want you to think everyone who gets arrested is having a bad day. So here are the happy folks.

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25 Ridiculous Online Dating Sites

7 or better

Online dating has been mostly mainstream for a few years now but that doesn’t mean all online dating is cool. You can go to like three sites and not be considered a freak. None of these are those three sites.

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25 Epic Celebrity Photobombs

25 Epic Celebrity Photobombs

Photobombs are kind of fun normally, but if a celebrity takes time out of his day to ruin your photo well then, that’s worth a gallery.

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25 Inappropriate Restaurant Names

toss my salad

A restaurant only has its name to sell itself on if you’ve never been there before or heard a recommendation. A place like McDonald’s isn’t telling you much, but it’s also not telling you it serves ass pie. There are peo...

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25 Older Body Builders Who Could Probably Beat Us Senseless


Just because you need a Rascal scooter to get around doesn’t mean you have to stop bench pressing small, German automobiles. Probably.

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25 Unbelievable (in the sense that they’re fake) Real Monsters


At one time or another, all of these photos were passed off as the real deal by someone claiming that they’d captured a real monster out in the wild. Some have been famously debunked wile others were so dumb no one cared to bother. Enjoy!

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25 Undrinkably Bizarre Soft Drinks

pancake drink

You know how in Japan there’s like a million insane things? This gallery is mostly about that,but specifically soft drinks. And not necessarily just Japanese though you know there’s a lot of that in here. Lotta Pepsi too. Those ca...

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25 of the Happiest Bugs You’ll Ever See


Generally when you think of bugs you think of how gross and utterly useless they are to the world at large. Maybe one or two of you think they’re food. But now you can all think they’re the happiest guys on the block! Until those t...

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