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25 Fashionable Theme Zombies

25 Fashionable Theme Zombies

Any good zombie movie has at least one memorable theme zombie – they’re the coolest of the lot. After all, a zombie in a suit is one thing,but a zombie stripper is quite another.

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25 Ridiculous School Names

butts road

Schools get by on name recognition a lot. Yale, Harvard, Milton’s Clown Academy, the name is oftentimes more important than whatever silly law or medicine degree you got there. That only counts with good names, though. If your school has...

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25 Sorry Self Picture Fails

toilet girl

Since the advent of cell phone cameras people have been craftily take their own photos in bathroom mirrors in an effort to look either cool or alluring. Often times this backfires terribly. Behold!

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25 Different Conans (More or Less)

porn parody

Conan isn’t the most common name under the sun and aside from the Barbarian and the talk show host, you might not know of any others. Well lucky for you we tracked down 25 different ones, which is to to say less than 25 “different...

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25 Swords Fit for a Barbarian


Conan opens this week and as any barbarian worth their salt knows, the sword makes the man. So let’s take a look at some swords you’d probably want to take out of your pocket before you sit down.

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25 Depressing Ghost Towns


Every so often a town has to be completely abandoned, whether due to an economic downturn, an environmental disaster or an army of bloodthirsty trolls that rise and devour the residents. Luckily, most of these things leave the buildings intact s...

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25 Crazy Buggers Who Risked Their Lives Over Niagara Falls

jet ski

Since the 1800′s, a handful of people have gone to Niagara Falls and thought “I could do that” and then decided to either walk over it on a tightrope or go over the falls in a barrel. Most of them even live. Not all of them, m...

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25 Bloody Adaptations of Macbeth

video game adaptation

King Macbeth died 954 years ago today. Has it been that long already? Since then he’s had a play named after him and just about nothing else since it’s hard to top Shakespeare. However, that hasn’t stopped people from punking...

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25 of the Lamest Wrestling Gimmicks Ever

pap shango

Professional wrestling has never been known for its ability to make you think. In fact, the less brains involved the better, as these pics indicate.

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25 Reasons Why George Lopez’s Show Was Cancelled

rocky horror

Lopez Tonight will no longer be seen, thanks to it sucking. Why did it suck? Look and see. (Hint: The answer is George Lopez).

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