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25 of the Most Disgusting Foods in the World

ox penis

Often times, when people discuss food that they find unappealing, they’ll mention strange dishes from far off lands and other people will defend them as not being disgusting, but just being from a different culture. That only applies when ...

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25 Oddly Unsettling Realistic Cartoons


Probably one of the things you love about cartoons is that they never make you sleep under the stairs after they catch you sinning. Another fun thing is their playful esthetic which, as you’ll see, some zany artists like to dink around with.

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25 Bizarre Medical Instruments

medical devices

Modern medicine is a wonder of science and innovation and terribly expensive vanity procedures. But it all came from this insanity. Look at the stuff people jammed in other people!

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25 Epic Lord of the Rings Cosplay Pics

eye of sauron

It’s Hobbit Day! Time to celebrate the only way we know how, by dressing up like characters from the books and movies.

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25 of the Worst Video Games of All Time

stalin vs aliens

A lot of games suck, it’s hard to fathom how some get through development at all, but these 25 are some of the worst reviewed pieces of crap of all time. Don’t play them. Just don’t.

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25 Completely Ridiculous Images from Dancing with the Stars

nancy grace

So Dancing with the Stars premiered last night and now everyone’s impressed that Nancy Grace has boobs. Well not us. Even a nursing orangutan has boobs, doesn’t make it a good person. Although most orangutans are probably better pe...

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25 Lesser Known (and Loved) Pirate Movies

the pirate movie

Yes, it’s still International Talk Like a Pirate and no, we’re giving no love to Pirates of the Caribbean. That move made more money than the GDP of most of Asia. Instead, let’s focus on the less popular pirate movies, some of...

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25 Epic Chronicles of Narnia Tattoos


Fantasy got legitimized a few years back when Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter together made more money than anything ever in the history of all time. Others have tried with greater or lesser success to reach the same heights and, of those oth...

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25 Leaked Celebrity Cell Phone Pics

anthony weiner

Yesterday, Scarlett Johansson joined the ranks of numerous other celebrities who proved themselves to be just as smart as everyone else you know when she tool some naked photos of herself and then someone else found them and spread them around th...

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25 Angry Birds Cakes


Do you know about Angry Birds? It’s the reason millions of people have spent the last two years going to the bathroom and not returning for 25 minutes when they’re at work. Now it’s in cake form.

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