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25 of the Lamest Wrestling Gimmicks Ever

pap shango

Professional wrestling has never been known for its ability to make you think. In fact, the less brains involved the better, as these pics indicate.

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25 Reasons Why George Lopez’s Show Was Cancelled

rocky horror

Lopez Tonight will no longer be seen, thanks to it sucking. Why did it suck? Look and see. (Hint: The answer is George Lopez).

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25 Insane Images from the London Riots

fire in london

The rioting in London has been going on for days now and there are literally thousands of police deployed to smack some sense into the asshat arsonists and looters out there. Here’s hoping it all ends soon. Have a look at some of the chao...

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25 Awesome Classic Pinball Machines

egg head

Pinball holds a special place in the annals of gaming because you had to beat on the machines and, if enraged, you could just try to flip the thing and it knew what you were up to so it’d stop working all together. Good times.

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25 Lifesize Lego Statues


Remember when you were a kid and you used your Lego to build basically the same sort of spaceship looking thing with square guns on it all the time? Yeah. These people do all kinds of weird crap with Lego.

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25 of the Most Bizarre NYSE Bell Ringers


Now that the economy is fixed and we’re happy as all getout, it’s time to focus our attention on the New York Stock Exchange where pretty much any riff raff under the sun can ring those bells.

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25 Sneaky Little Guns

watch gun

Never trust a man who carries a pistol. But also, never trust anyone with a crucifix, a watch, a lighter, a flashlight, a cane, a belt buckle or anything else you can fit in your hand.

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25 of the Most Badass Cosplayers Ever

silent hill

If you haven’t been watching our Facebook page, you may have missed the massive stink caused by our 25 People a Little Too Old for Cosplay gallery. Turns out that gallery was horribly insulting, isn’t that weird? While we certainly ...

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25 Ridiculous Movies About Dinosaurs

nymphoid barbarian in dinosaur hell

Dinosaurs rank with robots, ninjas and intelligent monkeys on lists of awesome things. But even with something as awesome as a dinosaur as a character in a movie, sometimes filmmakers go astray and then they make movies like these.

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25 Zombies Doing Everyday Things


Remember kids, zombies were people too.

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