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25 of the Unhappiest Mugshots Ever


By and large, no one is happy when they get their mugshot taken (though we could do a gallery of people who seemed thrilled). But some folks really take it pretty hard.

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25 Star Trek Cakes


In the world of sci fi, two franchises pretty much hold all the nerd cards – Star Wars and Star Trek. Trek, however, often take the back seat because, let’s face it, it’s nerdier. And it’s totally the fault of LeVar Burt...

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25 Foods That Are Looking at You


I once read that people seek the familiar in chaos and that’s why we try to see animals in clouds or faces in wallpaper patterns, it’s our brain trying to organize what seems disorganized. These are all foods that look at you though....

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25 Little People Impersonators


Just because you’re small doesn’t mean you can’t make an as of yourself.

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25 Not Particularly Devilish Devils

album cover

Friday is our favorite day for sinning…filler, filler, segue into post about bad devil costumes.

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25 Derp Animals


I guess the best way to describe these animals is hurr durr.

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25 Memorable Harry Potter Cosplays

harry potter scooter

With the Deathly Hallows Part 2 on the way, Harry Potter is coming to a close, which will force thousands of adults to find a new series of children’s books and films to enjoy. But before that happens, here’s a smattering of folks in...

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25 Mind Blowing Sand Sculptures


As every kid with a bucket and a small degree of motor coordination knows, sand castles are awesome. But while most children continue to disappointment their families by foolishly building below the tide line and and displaying barely any sense ...

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25 Crazy Celebrity Portrait Tattoos

redd foxx

Portrait tattoos are a mixed bag, usually a bag of different kinds of crap. But if you need to have another human’s face plastered across your body, why not go for a celebrity? Another thanks to BME and the various artists who help people...

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25 Brutal Paintball Injuries

25 Brutal Paintball Injuries

Now that’s gonna leave a mark.

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