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Yes, Emily Ratajkowski Will Be in the 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue [20 Pics]


It’ll be the first SI Swimsuit Issue appearance for Ratajkowski (“the j is silent”), who blasted into public consciousness last year thanks to her delightfully topless appearance in Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”...

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Things That Miley Cyrus’ Butt Looks Like


By now you’re aware that Miley Cyrus somehow both carefully and sloppily orchestrated a massive campaign to get everyone to talk about her ass. All it took was a mediocre song, creepy imagery and the worst wardrobe ever. And now I present ...

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OMG it’s 2013 GIFS!


Happy New Year everyone. Here are 2013 GIFs for you. If the number is a bit off, blame it on the homemade schnapps I drank last night.

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25 Things We Did Yesterday Instead of Posting a Gallery


We’re very busy at Holy Taco, what with all the restraining orders and pie eating contests we have to deal with, so i was with a heavy heart we actually posted no gallery yesterday. But we have a good reason why we missed it. 25 reasons, i...

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25 Amusement Parks to Avoid


Everyone wants to go to Disney World. Because these are the alternatives.

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25 Awesome Neon Signs


Anything you have to say becomes like 5 times more poignant when it’s neon.

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25 Reasons to Not Ride the Bus


Do you know what’s better than riding the bus? Literally everything.

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25 Killer Masked Movie Killers

14 laid to rest

In real life, people just stab you. In movies, they play dress up first.

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25 Reasons to Stay Home This Spring Break


Spring Break is a wild party. But it’s also this stuff. Beware.

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25 Terrifying Animal People


They call these things humanimals. You can hire them for parties and everything. You won’t, but you can.

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