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25 Ridiculous Artistic Tributes to Oprah

truffle shuffle oprah

So Oprah is finally ending her show after being on TV for 1000 days and 1000 nights of terror. She will retire to a solid gold island she built herself that is populated by many extinct animals and a few that never really existed until she paid ...

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25 Reasons Why Segways Exist

vader on a segway

People make fun of Segways all the time, because they’re pretty idiotic and under no circumstances can they ever live up to the hype that preceded their arrival. However, every so often you see one and realize that they must exist, because...

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25 Criminally Awful Wax Sculptures

steve irwin

Not everyone can take wax and form it into a precise likeness of a human being. That doesn’t stop some people from trying, though.

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25 Awesome Pieces of Money Art


You gotta spend money to make money. You also have to spend money to make art out of money. You know, for supplies and stuff. Paste and whatnot.

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25 Pics of Ashton Kutcher Looking Like a Tool


Usually in a gallery when we make fun of someone it stands on its own merits but let it never be said we unjustly mocked Ashton Kutcher, the man behind the painfully unfunny Punk’d, the man who tried to popularize trucker hats, the man who ...

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25 Giant, Awful Bugs We Hope Never Turn on Humanity

25 Giant, Awful Bugs We Hope Never Turn on Humanity

After yesterday’s harmless cicada article we thought we’d focus some time on bugs that could destroy the world with venom, slime or grossness if they ever organize and attack.

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25 Things With Holes in Them that Still Make Poor Ideas for Fleshlight Designs

hole in a cow

The good people at Fleshlight have sold over 4 million units now (unit..ha!) and in honor of that we thought we might like to help them out. But they seem to already know what to do, so we’ll cover what not to do. Remember, even though th...

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25 Potential Reasons Why Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver Seperated

schwarzenegger posing with girl and wine

After many long years of marriage, the former governor and the Kennedy are calling it quits. We’re not saying it has anything to do with Schwarzenegger’s reputation as a serial groper party boy or anything, but we’re not not sa...

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25 Vaguely Inappropriate Pictures of Sarah Silverman

sarah silverman on the toilet

People either really love or really hate Sarah Silverman which is something you could arguably say about golden showers. In any event, she takes a lot of pictures that look as though maybe you shouldn’t be looking at them at all, so this i...

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25 Galleries You Won’t See on Holy Taco Now That We No Longer Do Girl Galleries

ladies and bears

We’re moving on from focusing on girl galleries here at Holy taco to focus more on unique, editorial content. It’s not that we don’t like girl galleries, we’re just leaving them for the other guys. Because of that, here&#...

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