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25 Awesome Pieces of Pencil Art

elvis lead

Regular punks use pencils for drawing and whatnot, but hardcore artists turn the pencil into art. That’s like…meta, or something.

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25 Kick Ass Monkeys

25 Kick Ass Monkeys

It goes without saying that monkeys are awesome in every way, but if a monkey starts throwing down, that’s a killer combo of awesome and terrifying. Mostly awesome though.

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25 Girly Green Lantern Ladies

blonde green lantern girl

A beefy new teaser for the Green Lantern movie was unveiled at Wondercon last week and it makes it look like the movie is a big, green pile of Ryan Reynolds in tights. In honor of that, here’s some lady lanterns.

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25 Powerful Womyn

sarah palin

Support our sisters around the world, be they writers like Maya Angelou and Ann Coulter, TV personalities like Oprah and Whoopi, lawyers like Gloria Allred, politicians like Hillary Clinton and Janet Reno or complete morons like Sarah Palin and E...

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25 Ridiculous Looking People in Hammer Pants

hammer pants at Blizzcon

Yesterday was MC Hammer’s birthday (we think) and in honor of that, here’s 25 pictures of people who apparently weren’t convinced how stupid he looked for the entirety of his career.

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25 Carpet Lickers

carpet licker

We appreciate that the joke title of this is only cute till about picture #3 but whatever, just go with it. See if you can guess what we did for picture #25 before you scroll down to it.

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25 Hot Final Four Cheerleaders


We were set to have a gallery today of hot chicks juggling fire on unicycles but then someone spilled a Mr. Pibb on the computer where we had the files saved so we went with this inspired choice. I wonder if anyone else on the internet thought t...

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25 Big’uns on Bikes

burly dude on a bike

This was originally conceived of as a gallery of ladies playing billiards. How it evolved into this only Jose Cuervo knows.

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25 Sensitive Moments in the NCAA

ncaa kiss

In honor of the Douchebag Tournament, and some kind of basketball madness thing that’s going on now too, we’re giving you this gallery of some of the NCAA’s more special moments where two men set aside the sport and just bond in...

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25 Vintage Harry Houdini Posters

houdini in handcuffs

Today is Harry Houdini’s birthday. Please celebrate by paying no attention to Criss Angel.

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