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25 People Passed Out in Public


It’s tragic that all these people got so sleepy before they could get home to bed.

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25 Classical Art Tattoos

3 L'Amour de Pierrot

Anyone can get a tattoo of Calvin pissing on Hobbes. To get one of these, it helps to at least know who Monet is.

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25 Ridiculous Love Dolls (mildly NSFW)


Having a love doll at all is kind of sad. Having one of these is just wrong. So wrong.

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The 25 Moods of Nic Cage

14 confused

Nic Cage is America’s greatest treasure.

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25 Ridiculous Lip Tattoos


In fairness, you don’t have a lot of room inside your lip to get something really cool tattooed there. But yeah, here’s some ridiculous lip ones.

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25 Terribly Civilized Monkeys


Ha! He thinks he’s people!

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25 Reasons to Hate 90s Nostalgia


It’s 2012 and the 90s really weren’t so long ago, but there’s still some demand online for 90s nostalgia from people in their mid 20s. This is why we can’t grant that wish.

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25 Hungry, Hungry Politicians

Rick Perry Visits Iowa State Fair

At some point in time, campaign managers decided that, if you want a career in politics, people need to see you eating ice cream or corn dogs. So from that we got this whole gallery. Bonus points for Nixon for being extra creepy.

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25 Fast Foods That Want You Dead


With each passing year, fast food companies expend more effort on creating newer, crazier menu items to appeal to a diverse and sometimes completely insane customer base. Some of these things work, some will kill you if you try to eat 2.

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25 Funny Restaurant Signs


Oh you kids and your chalk, you so crazy.

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