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25 Of History’s Greatest Warriors


You may have thought the Girl Scouts were the baddest organization of thugs around, but history shows us differently. Never challenge any of these guys to a slap fight.

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25 Reasons to Read Bulletin Boards


The bulletin board in our office is just covered in reminders that we need to wear pants. But anyway, here’s 25 more interesting bulletins.

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25 People Who Aren’t Getting the Job


Ever heard the term “unemployable?” These people probably have, too.

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25 Memorable Wieners


It’s Friday and that means it’s probably time for a whole gallery of phallic, processed meat food!

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25 Cartoons at Gunpoint


Remember when people cared about cartoon violence, back before video games and rap music and just regular, every day violence? Those were good times. Here’s 25 cartoons about to be shot.

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25 God Awful Parasites


You know what’s not awesome? Things that live inside you and feast on your bits. Here’s 25 of ‘em.

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25 Things That Will Give You Hepatitis


Happy Valentine’s Day! Did you know hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver and there’s like a dozen different kinds of hepatitis, some viral and some not and that it’s totally way more common than you thought? What we’...

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25 Australian Things That Will Mess You Up


To anyone who hasn’t been there, Australia is a mysterious land of hilarious accents and Fosters beer. To actual Australians there are no accents and as far as we know you can’t even buy Fosters in Australia. But to everyone it’...

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25 Unusual Saddled Animals


Any animal can earn +2 to awesome by having a saddle on its back. God, I wish we had a monkey for this gallery.

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25 Craptastic Hats


Choosing an appropriate hat clearly takes more effort than you’d think. Wear one of these and there’s a good chance people will cross the street to avoid you.

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