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25 Bizarre Halloween Candies


Halloween is about a month away, which gives you plenty of time to track down and buy some of these weird candies.  

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25 Hot Girls With Weapons


There’s just something about a hot chick with a big weapon…  

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25 Coolest Banksy Graffiti


For those of you who don’t know, Banksy is an English graffiti artist who’s work can be seen all over the world. We’re big fans of graffiti art, and that got us thinking: are there any HT fans that are into graffiti art? If ...

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25 Passive Aggressive Office Kitchen Notes


No one place on Earth harbors more passive aggression than an office kitchen. This can lead to some pretty interesting and potentially relationship crushing passive aggressive notes. Here are the 25 most passive aggressive notes fou...

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25 x 3 = 75 Hot Girls


They say good things come in 3′s, or is that deaths? Hmm…    

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25 Funny Lost and Found Signs


Like the case of Jessica Simpson’s dog, many of these remain unsolved. Can you help solve them?  

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25 Girls You Already Know


You guys know these girls. In fact, you probably see them more often than certain family members. A free Holy Taco t-shirt to the first person that can name all of these girls in order. Email us at Feedback@holytaco.com  

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25 Visits From Pedo Bear


Why are you running? He just wants to talk.  

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25 Hot NFL Cheerleaders


Football season is here and that means hot chicks in bikinis have been replaced with hot NFL cheerleaders. If your team wasn’t represented in this collection, it can only mean that your team has homely cheerleaders.  

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25 Most Embarrassing Facebook Comments


Facebook is a great way to stay in touch with old friends and people who you normally would never be able to stay in touch with. Unfortunately for some, its incredibly public forum makes it a hot-bed for embarrassing comments. Many of these gems&n...

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