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25 Visits From Pedo Bear


Why are you running? He just wants to talk.  

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25 Hot NFL Cheerleaders


Football season is here and that means hot chicks in bikinis have been replaced with hot NFL cheerleaders. If your team wasn’t represented in this collection, it can only mean that your team has homely cheerleaders.  

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25 Most Embarrassing Facebook Comments


Facebook is a great way to stay in touch with old friends and people who you normally would never be able to stay in touch with. Unfortunately for some, its incredibly public forum makes it a hot-bed for embarrassing comments. Many of these gems&n...

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25 Awesome Stained Glass Windows


If churches were full of these, we’d probably go more often.  

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25 Most Dangerous Squirrels on Earth


These little guys might look cute and cuddly, but trust us: they will kill you.  

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25 Girls With Pasties


This is as much bewbie as we can legally show you. Happy Labor Day!  

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25 Hottest Labor Day Pool Party Babes


Labor Day marks the end of summer, so take one last long look at what you’ll be missing for the next nine months and try not to be too depressed. At least football season is here. Enjoy!  

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25 Sexiest People Of Walmart


Someone needs to grab a hose from the Home and Garden section and cool these smoking hot people off! Rawrrr!  

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25 Drunk Animals


Animals are really no different than us. They like to come home after a long day, turn on the game, crack open a cold beer, and eventually, go take a huge dump in the backyard.  

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25 Hot Girls Fishing


Summer is upon us, and there’s no better time for women to go out, cast a line, and finally catch something other than crabs.  

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