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25 Hot Biker Chicks


These chicks know how to ride.  

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25 Mascots Being Awesome


It’s surprising that the people who dress up in these mascot suits don’t go nuts more often. They’re stuck in a suit that smells like b.o. and urine for hours at a time and if they take their heads off to...

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25 People in Obnoxious T-Shirts


Sometimes the world just needs to know that you’re a jackass.   

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25 Weird Coffins


For our readers over the age of 65, here are a few gift ideas for the wife this holiday season.   f

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25 Girls With Pigtails


Pigtails are awesome. Not only do girls look totally hot wearing them, but Willie Nelson rocks them on a regular basis.  

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25 Funny Bachelor Frog Memes


Bachelor Frog is probably one of our favorite memes on the internet. If you’re a guy and between 18-35 years old, then you can probably relate to a majority of these. You can make your own Bachelor Frog meme at memegenerator.net  

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25 Sexy Cowgirls


These girls know how to rope and ride.  

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25 Hilarious Cakes

25 Hilarious Cakes

Everyone likes cake, but not all cakes are funny. These cakes are funny.  Check out more sweet cakes at Cakewrecks.  

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25 Hilarious Defaced Bills


This money is funny.  

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25 Hot Chicks on Roller Skates


Usually, lusting after the type of girl you’d see rolling around on a pair of skates would get you a few years in prison, but not these girls. They’re 100% legal.  

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