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25 Tattoos of Comedians

3 - bill hicks

If you have to get a tattoo that depicts another person somewhere on your body, better make sure that person is funny. I dunno why. Just go with it.

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25 Star Wars Pets


People who dress up their pets are monsters. Even if they’re dressed like Star Wars characters.

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25 Completely Inexplicable Statues


Art is subjective, they say. But for real, all of these statues are totally messed up, Art is subjective, they say. But for real, all of these statues are totally messed up, right?right?

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25 Raunchy Foods


Everyone says you can use chocolate or oysters as an aphrodisiac, but probably if you bust out weiner-shaped candy or the rest of this stuff, you’ll get the message across ever more clearly.

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25 Battlestar Galactica Tattoos


We’ve covered Star Trek and Star Was tattoos in the past, even some Lord of the Rings, but just how deep does the nerd hole go when it comes to body mods? Right here, kids. Right frackin’ here.

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25 Celebrities as Furries

1 penn teller

Fan art is a weird thing sometimes, makes you want to give your favorite celebrity a horse’s ass. But hey, some folks are into that. We’re pretty sure some of these pics came from DeviantArt, so you should check out the kids over the...

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25 Hobo Movies


We can’t say enough good things abut Hobo with a Shotgun, but if one hobo movie just isn’t enough to satisfy you, here’s a full 25 hobo flicks to fill a couple of days of viewing for you.

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25 Biker Gangs


We’re thinking of forming our own biker gang, the Devil’s Tacos, but none of us have a bike and our intern legally can’t operate a vehicle that goes over 25mph. But until we get that worked out, here’s 25 other gangs.

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GIF Attack!: SOPA Edition


Hey, do you like GIFs? Do you especially like GIFs that are made up of 3 to 5 second loops of movies and TV shows? Well, in a SOPA/PIPA world, you can kiss GIFs goodbye. GIFs would be considered a major violation of copyright infringement. Yep, yo...

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25 Post SOPA LOLCats

9 - night

In the world of SOPA, this is what you’d find on the internet. We can’t post pics we found on other sites, we’d have to make our own terrible ones. Well, half awesome but half terrible. This! It’s not even actually 25, i...

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