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Animals Conceived in Hell

Angry female naked mole rat.Credit: Buffenstein/Barshop Institute/UTHSCSA

If deer and rabbits can be conceived in heaven, about about all the other poor guys conceived in hell?  Let’s take a look!

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Myths of Casual Sex


I’m sure whatever Myth you think exists about Casual Sex, our friends at DoubleViking have one upped you.  So check them out!

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Yours Place, or Hers?


BroBible wants to know what you think — plus more!  

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32 Texas Independence Babes


Free Texas already!  Except if that happens, we wont have easy access to these hot babes, brought to you by our friends at Coed

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Is Katy Perry a Nazi?


Is there really a question about this?  Our friends at CelebJihad think so, so take a gander and find out.

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Cheerleaders of World Beach Soccer


The world lives on two things…Cheerleaders…and Soccer (sorry, America, but it’s true).  So in honor of these two things, Coed Magazine is giving us both.  Enjoy!

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7 Movies That Would Make Horrible Musicals


What?  Why wouldn’t The Human Centipede Musical be great?  Fine, Smosh, you win.

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History of the Nintendo Controller


Our friends from Unreality show us the evolution of the Nintendo controller…and then Playstations.

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The Crazy Norwegian is Back!


You may have seen this fellow already on DoubleViking — well here he is again being Bat Shit crazy as usual.

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10 Red Flags to Watch Out For On Valentine’s Day