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The Saddest/Happiest/Weirdest Video On The Internet - Page 109

The Saddest/Happiest/Weirdest Video On The Internet


My brain isn’t sure how to react to this video. On one hand it thinks it’s really cute to see the dog and the duck hanging out as best pals. On the other hand it’s really sad about the duck dying, but it’s also happy to see how excited the dog is to see the duck again. But then, the duck’s beak falls off and some woman is dragging it across the lawn. Is that…nice…or…mean…or…I have no idea…

This Is Why Old Men Shouldn’t Carry Jesus Statues

You know exactly what’s coming, but it’s still funny to see four old men carry a huge statue of Jesus to the altar, botch the turn-a-round, drop it to the screaming horrors of onlooking nuns and other members of the congregation. But the best part is at the end, when they look at each other, prop the busted statue back up on its feet and then just sort of walk away. Good work, guys. Your work here is done.
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The Worst Day Of Their Lives


I don’t think you ever really get over something like this.

This Grandma Likes Cat Food

If you want to drive the people around you completely insane, open up eight browsers with this video and play them all at the same time. It will start a chorus of complete "meowing" chaos that will make their faces explode. And then, when it’s over, do it again.
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Sarah Palin Actually IS A Cartoon Character


Sarah Palin Is A Cartoon Character – Watch more free videos

Now it all makes sense. Sarah Palin wasn’t a real person. She was the folksy, winking "you betcha"-ing three-dimensional version of a cartoon character on a show I’ve never heard of. OK, phew. I don’t know about you, but I feel better. For a second, I was worried that she was a living, breathing human who didn’t read or speak in complete, coherent sentences.

England Used To Have Some Awesome TV

How far has our television programming really come? Are you really trying to tell me that you would rather watch "Rock of Love" or "Dr. Phil" over an old man trying to jump on eggs without breaking them? Look at him. He’s an old man in shortpants repeatedly trying to "jump" on eggs ("I skimmed them, there."). The old man also claims he can jump on "human noses" without breaking them as well. Holy shit. I’m going to watch this video until I die.
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Lady Bugs Are Most Kick Ass In Slow Motion

If you don’t think mother nature is awesome, then you haven’t really studied lady bugs.  It has a big ass shell, that opens up like Delorean doors, then wings come out and it starts flying.  I’m pretty sure that’s the definition of bad ass. 

Falling Down Is Always Funny. Always.

Chick Slips And Slams Head On Stairs – Watch more free videos

I’ve watch this 45 times and I’ve laughed every single time. That’s normal, right?

If You Thought The Segway Was Stupid…

 At first, I thought this "exercise machine" was fake. But then I went to its website, speedfit.com, and realized that this is either real, or someone has a lot of time on their hands to make fake exercise machine videos.
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The Winner Of The 2048 Presidential Election

While most three-year-olds are taking dumps in the sandbox and eating glue, this little guy is commanding random street crowds with the mere wave of his hand. If you thought Obama knew how to work a populace, this kid has got political prodigy written all over him (or ruthless despot-in-waiting, we’ll have to wait and see what he does with his power.)
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