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Hey Neighbors: Eat Snowzilla’s Ass

Passive Aggressive behavior by neighbors is probably one of my ten favorite things in the world.  When I was little my brother hated the neighbor kid who lived next door, so he used to collect all of our dog’s shit and put it in a pile right outside the kid’s bedroom window, then piss all over the pile of shit.  The pile was technically still on our property, (and although probably illegal still) the kid thought there was nothing he could do about it.  It all ended though when we dared my other brother to take a shit on top of the pile, and he did, and our dad caught us.  Try explaining to your father why you’re cheering on your brother to shit on top a pile of dog shit, on his property.  Awkward.
This video has many many awesome layers to it, but I think my favorite part is that the dude who made Snowzilla to piss off his neighbors, is basically taunting them in the interview.  I love that they tell him it’s pissing off neighbors because he’s built a 20 foot snowman that makes traffic unbearable and he’s like "whaaa?  No, it’s about the children’s smiles.  Look at that hat, there’s magic in that hat."  Merry Christmas to you, sir. 

Pac Man Jones Gives Us His Thoughts On Going To The “Scrip Club”

If I was doing this interview with Adam "Pac Man" Jones, I think my follow-up question would’ve been, "I understood two words you just said."
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12 Videos Of Famous People Falling Down

Whether you want to admit it or not, seeing someone stumble, trip and take a face-first tumble to the ground is always funny. But somehow it’s always funnier when that person is famous.
Carmen Electra Falls At Fashion Show – Watch more free videos Carmen Electra It’s OK, there’s nothing to worry about. Some random woman is coming to save Carmen…or not.
Beyonce Falls Onstage – Watch more free videos Beyonce I think my favorite Beyonce song is the one that goes "To the left, To the left. To the left, Then down the stairs on my face. To the left."
Down Goes Frasier, Down Goes Frasier – Watch more free videos Kelsey Grammer Instead of therapy and Prozac, depressed people just need to hear Kelsey’s startled "Oh good lord!" as he’s falling whenever they’re feeling down. It’s hard to slit your wrists when you’re chuckling at pompous douchebags.

Sometimes You Have To Just F a Kitten Up

Kitty Gangsta Rap – Watch more Free Videos

Kitten are really cute and cuddly, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to get their ass beat like everyone else.  This video was done by the newest addition to Holy Taco, Justin Thomas, and some of his friends at theinternet.

Even Pandas Can’t Screw With The Chinese Government

Pandas Sentenced To Death – Watch more Free Videos

I’ve never been to China, but apparently they don’t F around.  At all.

What Is This “Hooking Up” That They Speak Of

For me, having television personalities break down lingo that "the kids are using" is just the best.   I love that they actually bring an "expert" in to talk about the phrase "hooking up."  I think my favorite part is when the anchor goes "I thought hooking up always meant having sex."  Whooaaaaa, slow down their Bangy Mcfirstdate!  I want to get me a piece of that slutty anchor!
I was seriously waiting for the conversation to get so stupid that the anchor would finally say "okay, and when these kids "hook up," what happens next?" and then the guest goes "Well, then the man takes down his pants, and reveals a penis.  Which the woman then attempts to make stiff, in order to insert it into her vagina."  Then a pause and the anchor just nods and says "fascinating.  These kids today, it’s so different now."

“Stacking Food On Animals” Is An Awesome Game Show

I don’t want to judge America…but I’m going to judge America. When we come up with game show ideas, we get "Deal or No Deal" where we watch people open up briefcases, or Supermarket Sweep, where we watch people put turkeys in a grocery cart. Boooooring. When Japan comes up with a game show, they get "Stacking Food On Animals," where some girl piles sticks of ham on drooling dog’s face. Which one of those would you rather watch? Much like the car industry, the game show industry has passed America by. In our golden age, we had "Press Your Luck" and "Double Dare." But now, our game shows are bloated and tired, while Japanese game shows are sleeker and pack more bang for the buck. If Congress is willing to bail out Chrysler and GM, I think they need to throw a few billion at our lagging game show producers. I want to see "Stacking Animals On Top Of Other Animals" on NBC by 2010. We can do this.
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All Apologies

All Apologies – Watch more Free Videos
Sometimes it’s really hard to say I’m sorry.  This video was done by our friend Michael Capes and a few of his buddies.  Enjoy.

The Art Of Meeting Men

To all you single attractive ladies out there who are having a hard time finding a man, just follow this simple guide and you’ll be married in no time.
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Give Me Your Badge And Your Gun

Was there some sort of law passed in the 80s that said every cop show made during that decade must incorporate the plot device of the protaganist police officer, who is well-intentioned despite his bad reputation, must hand over his badge and gun to the sarge while the bad guys are still on the street. Then, as we all know, the badgeless good cop shows up, saves the day, and the chagrinned sarge has to begrudgingly give the good cop his badge back while he’s making out with his wife/girlfriend who had just left/divorced him. Man, I miss the 80s.
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