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Holy Taco’s Video of the Day – Bakin’ Cakes (NSFW language up in here) - Page 51

Holy Taco’s Video of the Day – Bakin’ Cakes (NSFW language up in here)

Is this video old? Yes. Is it still awesome? Hell yes. Fun fact – that pink haired girl is 20 now and will never live this down.


Awkward Motorcycle Behavior

Holy Taco’s Video of the Day – Chimp Plays Far Cry 2

Need some evidence that apes are getting smarter before the release of Rise of the Planet of the Apes? How about a chimpanzee cyber-killing the hell out of people in Far Cry 2? Let’s be honest though, playing video games with a chimp would be kinda cool.


Do Not Upset This Panda

Holy Taco’s Video of the Day

Holy Taco contributing editor Jim Tews tricks people into giving him beer in exchange for his stand up comedy routine, then proceeds to talk about that time he tried to screw us on a futon


I Believe I Can Sloth

Holy Taco’s Video of the Day: Kickboxer vs Marine

You can pretty much guess the ending of this right from the beginning, but it’s still fun to watch. USA! USA!


I Think This Old Juicy Fruit Ad Is Pushing More Than Just Gum

Things Only Old People Are Into: Freestyle Canoeing [Video]

Let’s go ahead and add this to the list of reasons why there’s severe generational gap in America. How can America’s youth respect it’s elders when it’s elders are into some really boring crap? Take freestyle canoeing, for example. It makes shuffleboard look like base-jumping.


Hog Calling Is Definitely A Real Thing

So now that we’ve done away with our girl galleries, we’ve realized we have a responsibility to educate the masses. Which is why we put together this video with footage from a hog calling contest. Yeah, you know, hog calling. You didn’t know that was real? Because it is. And it’s so real that it’s a done on a competitive level in some parts of the U.S. (the parts that most of us only drive through).

We tried to find some insightful history about the origins of hog calling, but we couldn’t/didn’t really want to. We didn’t really even know hogs had to be called anywhere, we thought they just kind of walked themselves into the bacon machine.