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Is This What Freeballin’ Means? - Page 62

Is This What Freeballin’ Means?

Freestyle and trick shots? All we do with the soccer ball in the office is throw it at interns’ heads.




Lesbians and Justin Bieber…again

As you’re no doubt aware, Holy Taco was at the forefront of identifying 5 year old Canadian sensation with lesbians. There’s something remarkably fish tacoish about that toddler and his pretend-messy hair that the entire world has picked up on. Probably because it’s not even really a joke, there just are a whole hell of a lot of lesbians who legitimately look like him. We refuse to speculate about what that means but, in order to prove it’s no trick of the light, we will put up this video someone sent us featuring a girl who does, in fact, look just like the Biebs. Probably people call him the Biebs. If not, please start spreading that around, and maybe in another month there’ll be a Youtube video about that as well. We’re trendsetters, man.


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