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The Blademaster Is Taking You To School - Page 67

The Blademaster Is Taking You To School

Hey cardboard, you better watch your back!
Cheerleaders of Punta Cana (TotalProSports)
Tiger Woods going Legit…(BleacherReport)
Kittens on a Slide (BuzzFeed)
Brittany is Hot and Bashful (GorillaMask)
The Hottest Nurses Out There (Coed)
French News is Hot (TheChive)
Faces in Rocks and Mountains (SuperTremendous)
Katy Perry in Maxim (BroBible)
Don’t Give Up, Robot (AdultSwim)
Joanna Krupa Hotness (TotallyCrap)
Jason Mac Breaks Leg (CagePotato)
The Best Twitter Pick Up Lines (MadeMan)

The Greatest Announcer Of All Time

The Hottest/Most Confused Fan of the Day (TotalProSports)
The Worst Jerseys In History (BleacherReport)
Andy Rooney Hates Lady Gaga (BuzzFeed)
Brittany is Bashful and Hot (GorillaMask)
The Hottest Nurses Ever (Coed)
Russian Girl Hotness (TheChive)
The Famous Musician Yearbook (SuperTremendous)
The Weirdest Gender Stereotypes (Cracked)
Heidi Montag Displays Her Boobs Yet Again (HollywoodTuna)
Amazing Port-a-Potty Derby (DoubleViking)
Twitters Best Pick-up Lines (MadeMan)
The Gracie Hunter Returns (CagePotato)

Mom of the Year Candidates

Bachelorette of the Week: Totally Goth

Who knows? Maybe you can meet that special someone on Holy Taco. But if you do, we get to get wasted and make a speech while you guys are doing it for the first time. No exceptions!
Name: Totally Goth
Age: 20
Occupation: Cashier

Totally Goth is a great catch. Her pefect man is a combination of Macaulay Culkin and Keanu Reeves, proving she likes dirty dudes with weird names. You would be surprised to learn she is actually nice and thinks she is actually sexy. She prefers really dumb guys who don’t pay for stuff but hates it when they smell or have Justin Bieber hair. Also she claims to be insane which means she is the exact opposite, and only claims this as some sort of defense mechanism which is probably a response to being bullied, touched, or touched by bullies.


Happy Mother’s Day!

Forget buying a gift for your Mom on Sunday, Picnicface proves a homemade gift from the heart means so much more.
The Hottest Golfing Girls Out There (TotalProSports)
Gabrielle Union Hotness (BleacherReport)
The Amazing Beat Boxing Dog (BuzzFeed)
Sexy Lana Gallery (GorillaMask)
Francesca Frigo Is Hot (Coed)
Hot Mothers Day MILFS (Complex)
Still Want to be a Gangster? (TheChive)
The Worst Acronyms of All Time (SuperTremendous)
More JJ Abrams Awesomeness (Cracked)
Jessica Simpson’s Cleavage Returns (HollywoodTuna)
He-Man is Dead! (DoubleViking)
The Best Comedies You Haven’t Seen (MadeMan)
Daley Serves Kocheck (CagePotato)

Indian Idol Has A Smaller Budget

Shevil, Shevil, Rock You!
This Girls Got a Strong Vag (TotalProSports)
The Ipad Skateboard (Gorillamask)
Mini Dwight Schrute (BuzzFeed)
Most Embarassing Atheletes Ever (BleacherReport)
Hot Chicks Invade Iraq (Coed)
Sexy Girls of Cinco De Mayo (Manofest)
The Funniest Musician Year Book Pics (SuperTremendous)
More Hot Mexican Chicks (BroBible)
Hot Moms of Adult Swim (AdultSwim)
The Fakest Muscles of the Day (TotallyCrap)
Randy wants to beat down Shogun-Machida (CagePotato)
How Facebook Ruins your Relationship (MadeMan)

Fight Scene or Gay Porn? You Decide!

Everyone’s favorite game show where you vote to decide….Fight Scene or Gay Porn! Good luck contestants!
Hot Golfing Maidens (TotalProSports)
Jamie Lynn Siegler Hotness (BleacherReport)
Hot Weather Girls from Around the World! (Asylum)
The Hottest of Tila Tequila (Coed)
The Only Good Thing About MySpace (TheChive)
Faces in Rocks and Mountains (SuperTremendous)
6 People Who Probably Saved Your Life (Cracked)
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Kung Fu Gets Sexy (DoubleViking)
Sex Your Girlfriend Likes (MadeMan)
Overeem vs Fedor (CagePotato)

80′s TV Was Way Better Than Now

I can’t believe there is more than one paraplegic kung fu movie out there.
The Most Excited Fan of the Day (TotalProSports)
Justin Bieber is Actually Retarded (Buzzfeed)
The Lowest Blows in Baseball (BleacherReport)
Most Hilarious Prom Fails (Coed)
Kids Make the Darndest Science Projects (TheChive)
The Freddy Krueger Kill Index (Complex)
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Drunk Girl vs Boat (TotallyCrap)
Rampage Suit Dismissed (CagePotato)
What kind of Sex does your Girl Like? (MadeMan)

New War Strategy: Out Gay The Terrorists

These guys took a preemptive strike on the "don’t ask don’t tell" policy change.
Tea Time With Tyson (TotalProSports)
Over-Protective Cat is Over-Protective (Buzzfeed)
Who’s The Worst College Team? (BleacherReport)
Girls And Their Fake Boobs (Coed)
The Hottest Venezuelan Woman Ever (TheChive)
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Kelly Brook Dominatrix (HollywoodTuna)
This Guy Really Loves Motorcycles (DoubleViking)
What Kind of Sex does your Girlfriend Like? (MadeMan)
Koscheck Flops his Game (Cagepotato)

Bachelorette of the Week: Alcatraz

Who knows? Maybe you can meet that special someone on Holy Taco. But if you do, we get to get wasted and make a speech while you guys are doing it for the first time. No exceptions!
Name: Alcatraz
Age: 23
Occupation: Regional Manager
Alcatraz is a f*cking psycho. She loves kitties, her sexy hair, and kitties. The key to her heart is having a 100% perfect body and nice eyes, so you can tell she is not shallow. Some fun facts about Alcatraz are she has a huge fur fetish and some of the craziest eyes ever, and of course she loves kitties. If you like what you see throw on your best mascot suit and get ready to get weird!