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Black Widow: Awkward Defender of Justice - Page 69

Black Widow: Awkward Defender of Justice

I don’t know if all amateur superheroes look as much like convicted sex offenders as Black Widow does, but I know one thing: we could all use a little injection of venemous justice.
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Hello Jenny

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This is Jenny. She’s going to teach us how to be cheerleaders. Then she’s going to make an ass of herself.
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The Crying Guy Hates Jokes

Our friends at Screenjunkies put together this gem of a mashup, which mixes Philadelphia with the funniest crying man we’ve ever seen. Does anyone else smell a Crying Guy Meme brewing?
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Dance Party!

This just killed the ghost of elvis.
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Bachelor of the Week: Olav the Ukranian

Who knows? Maybe you can meet that special someone on Holy Taco. But if you do, we get to get wasted and make a speech while you guys are doing it for the first time.

Name: Olav
Age: 29
Occupation: Engineer
Olav is a Ukranian immigrant. He is outgoing and likes to dance to hip hop and 50 cent. He’s looking for an pretty American woman who is a hard worker. Do you know anyone who might be good for him?

Treadmill Stunt Fails

Treadmills: they’re almost as dangerous as running outside!

GoBots Gangbang!

Upon seeing our Gundam Boner photo of the day this morning, one of our readers, Pratik, directed us to this old GoBots gangbang scene, and I can’t believe I’ve never seen this before because it’s amazing. Also, it kind of makes me want to have rough sex with my toaster. Is that wrong?
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Gay Kid Rant

Gay Kid Rant – Watch more Funny Videos
This gay kid’s rant is pretty gay, but he makes some good points. Why do they put that stupid sleeve on DVD’s? And what is the deal with birds, anyway? So many gay questions, so little gay time in this kid’s gay day to seek out all the gay answers his gay heart desires.
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Drugged Girl at the Dentist

Here is another example of major mouth surgery and mean spirited parents coming together to form internet success!
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The Blood Bunny Movie Trailer

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