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News Reporter RAGE! - Page 70

News Reporter RAGE!

I’m not going sit here and pretend I know exactly what’s going on here, but I can tell you what I think is going on. The look on the anchor’s face at the end says it all. Clearly these two men are lovers having a spat. The reporter just found out that the anchor is sleeping with the weatherman, and the anchor’s just been outed on live television. Now leave me alone, I’ve got to get back to my telenovelas.
Hot Brazilian Ice Skaters (TotalProSports)
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The Hot Spring Break Nightmare (Coed)
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15 Fearless Sneakers (Smosh)
Drunk Gets Taught A Lesson (EvilChili)
Lady Gaga and Beyonce Do It (DailyFill)
Julie Bowen in Hawaii (CelebSlam)
They Still Want Lovin (Atom)
Color By Numbers Toilet Paper (Walyou)

Psychic Drawing Fail

 I think she’s trying to tell him something.
10K for Crosby’s Missing Gear (TotalProSports)
The Creepiest Olan Mills Portraits Ever (SuperTremendous)
Bar Rafaeli Hotness (Coed)
Beware Angry Star Wars Mobs (LemonDrop)
The 1938 Dating Guide (TheChive)
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Lil Wayne Heddin to Jail (BroBible)
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How Video Games Get You Addicted (Cracked)
Infinity Ward vs Activision (G4TV)
Kratos vs. Care Bears (DoubleViking)
StormTroopers R’ Us (Smosh)
Massive Ski Jump Wipeout (EvilChili)
Dump Truck Fails (TooShocking)
Christina Henricks Boobs Are Back (HollywoodTuna)
Kristen Stewart: Red Carpet Whore (DailyFill)
Olivia Munn Gets Boned (CelebSlam)
Buy Futurama Action Figures (Walyou)

The Beard Master

I hope this is released in IMAX 3-D.
Girls Make Out For Bulls [Video] (TotalProSports)
The Most Obnoxious Oscar Speeches of All Time (SuperTremendous)
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Amy Hixson Is Sexy (CelebSlam)
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Buy Your Own Na’vi Dagger (Walyou)

Guy Forgets the Words to “That’s Amore”

Don’t go on television and sing a song that you only know the first and last line of, because it will probably turn out really awkward and embarrassing if you do.
March Madness! (BleacherReport)
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Girl of the Day Round Up

Grant Clitsome is a star (TotalProSports)
The Most Obnoxious Oscars Winners of all time (SuperTremendous)
Alice in Wonderland Girls are Hot (Coed)
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Jessica Simpson is Fat (CelebSlam)
The World is Obamouraged (Atom)
District 9 Anything is Awesome (Walyou)

Butt Drugs!

Another great local commercial from Rhett & Link. 
Ocho Cinco goes for a ride (TotalProSports)
The Creepiest Olan Mills Portraits Ever (SuperTremendous)
How To Make Girls Scream (Coed)
Japan Loves You (LemonDrop)
Sow Mo Water Balloon Explosion (TheChive)
How To Be More Productive (MadeMan)
Jimmie Johnson Car Fail (AllLeftTurns)
Celebrity Wax Sculptures Are Creepy (ScreenJunkies)
Catrin Claeson In A Swimsuit (TotallyCrap)
Hangover Free Booze Is Coming Soon (BroBible)
Hot Girls On The Internets (DoubleViking)
21 Awesome Ice Sculptures (Maxim)
Sofia Vergaras Cleavage Is Awesome (HollywoodTuna)
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16 Really Offensive Ads (Oddee)
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29 Oscar Speeches In 2 Minutes (Comedy)
Internets Hitting The Big Time (Atom)
The Amazing Click-A-Chick (Uncoached)
Family Guy Monopoly is Now Here (Walyou)

Guy In Chicken Suit Disrupts Class

Baron Davis Sells His Beard (TotalProSports)
A-Rod vs. Jeter (BleacherReport)
TV Without Green Screen Is Sad (SuperTremendous)
The 5 People Who Play FPS’s (Coed)
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Who’s Got The Best Behind? (BroBible)
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Mario Galaxy 2 Game Review (G4TV)
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Bats Like Wearing Hats (Smosh)
Kristen Stewart Hotness (DailyFill)
Megan Fox’s O Face (CelebSlam)
The Rubiks Cube Table (Walyou)

Another Amazing Music Video From OK Go

This video makes me want to play Mouse Trap.
Eve Muirhead is a teaser (TotalProSports)
The Creepiest Olan Mills Portraits Ever (SuperTremendous)
Wendy Cain is HOT (Coed)
Every Girl is Bisexual (LemonDrop)
Mail Order Brides, Anyone? (TheChive)
Get Rid of your Moobs (MadeMan)
Delana Harvick Hotness (AllLeftTurns)
A New Nightmare On ElmStreet (ScreenJunkies)
Remember Cyprus Hill? (BroBible)
Sexy Lambourghini Ladies (TotallyCrap)
Hot Girls On The Internets (DoubleViking)
Boob FAQs (Oddee)
Alessandro Ambrosio Gallery (AskMen)
Dont Play on Playgrounds (TooShocking)
Marisa Miller Hotness (HollywoodTuna)
Drunk vs Ladder (EvilChili)
Lady Gaga aint Celibate (DailyFill)
Corey Feldmans Back! (CelebSlam)
The Greatest Mobile Toilets of All Time (Smosh)
Juggalo News Network (Atom)
Star Wars Fooseball Table (Walyou)

10 Awesome Game Show Answer Fails

Game Shows are the most awesome time-waster ever invented. They’re on all the time, and the contestants are usually just normal people like you and me, only slightly dumber because a host in a fancy haircut is flashing money in front of them.  Whenever you put dumb people on television who aren’t used to being on television, hilarity is bound to ensue. Here are some of the best hilarious Game Show moments ever:
He’s Getting Dates, Just the Wrong Kind
It seems like Bob Fagot just can’t catch a break, but things are actually looking up for him since he had his name legally changed.  It used to be Assrape McDicksucker. That’s right, ladies: he’s Irish. 
Old Mario vs. Ghetto Ghandi
A friend of mine once saw Drew Carrey sitting in a Denny’s by himself at 2 in the morning crying into his hands. That’s more interesting than this clip.
Anything in Space is a Planet, Right?

Parma State of Mind

Rap parodies done by white people usually suck, that’s why we were suprised to find this pearl in the sea of crap that is youtube. The chick in the video is kind of hot, too. Which is nice.
Lucky Male Figure Skater (TotalProSports)
TV Without Green Screen (SuperTremendous)
Beer Bong Babes (Coed)
Do You Dig Chick Rockers? (LemonDrop)
Katy McPhee Gets Tapped (PopCrunch)
Kim K in Vegas (AllLeftTurns)
Road To The Oscars (ScreenJunkies)
The Mustache March is Near (BroBible)
India Reynolds is Way Hot (TotallyCrap)
Sci Fi is Here (Cracked)
Super Mario Galaxy Review (G4TV)
Hot Girls On the Internets (DoubleViking)
Now This is How You Use a Mirror (EvilChili)
Treadmill Owns Girl (TooShocking)
Hmmm Kim K (HollywoodTuna)
Vince Vaughn Is Bad ass  (CelebSlam)
The Thundercats Cake (Walyou)