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Meteorologist Freakout - Page 73

Meteorologist Freakout

At first I thought, "Wow. I think this guy just crapped his pants on live TV." But then I realized that he’s a weatherman. He needs this. I think all his reports should be this passionate. 
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The Best Japanese Game Show Ever Created!

This is the best Japanese show we’ve seen in a long time. It’s definitely worth watching all the way through. The idea is simple: the person who flips over the card with the ‘X’ on it has to stay silent while something horrible is done to him. Why don’t we have shows like this in the US?
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Mel Gibson Calls Interviewer An A-Hole

Wait for it…wait for it…
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Porn-Loving Banker Gets Busted on TV

Sometimes we forget that other people can’t look at porn on company time like we can. If this video was shot in Holy Taco’s office, it would be one of us talking about porn while the other one awkwardly looked at CNN.com in the background.
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Michael Bay’s Earliest Known Work

I’d totally let this guy represent me.

Sexiest “Big Game” Commercials Of All Time

Sometimes the best part of watching the "big game" is the SUPER sexy commercials. Here are a few that are sure to BOWL you over. 

Bush Speech Timing Fail

Yeah, it’s fake. But it’s a very well done fake.
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Well, She’s Not Exactly Wrong…

I didn’t think I was going to regret eating that tiny school bus full of children, but the constant string of phone calls from their concerned parents kept me up all night.  I can only imagine that the children had an equally fun time exploring the intricate tunnels of the LA sewer system, and finally the Pacific Ocean.
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MAD TV Predicted the Apple I-Pad

A few years ago, Mad TV poked fun at Apple with a sketch about the "iPad"; a product designed to protect a woman’s pants from menstrual blood.  Today, Apple unveiled the iPad, and it wasn’t nearly as funny. Shocking, because Mad TV sucks.