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Weathermen are Hung Like Windchimes - Page 74

Weathermen are Hung Like Windchimes

9 inches? That’s pretty impressive for a white guy who’s so insecure that he brags about his dong on local television.
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The Best TV Talk Show Fights Ever

It’s hard to believe that we’ve never had a "Best Talk Show Fights" article on Holy Taco before.  Stupid people fighting and Holy Taco go together like water balloons and urine. Here are some of our favorite talk show fights:
Midget vs. Smaller Midget 
This is universally considered the best talk show fight clip ever, and it’s pretty easy to understand why.  On the one hand, I’m rooting for the bigger midget, because, being a midget, he rarely has the opportunity to just manhandle someone like this, and I’m proud to see him taking advantage of it.  On the other hand, the smaller midget can’t get up if he falls down, so he just crawls around like a seal, and that’s entertaining as hell to watch. 
Talk Show Host vs. Guests 
I’m not sure where this show is from, but I’m guessing it’s probably somewhere in Eastern Europe, or another place where people have to learn to kick ass at a very young age in order to survive.  Eastern Europe also seems like one of the only places where they would design a talk show set that looks so much like the lair of a James Bond villain.
Old Lady vs. Really Old Lady 
This is kind of like watching a really shitty fight in slow-motion, but it’s just nice to see these old ladies getting some exercise.  Plus, am I the only one who thinks babushkas are sexy as hell?
Hot Bikini Babe vs. Ugly Bikini Babe/Hotter Bikini Babe vs. Host 
This isn’t really a very good fight video, but it does contain a bunch of hot babes in bikinis, and after that old lady fight up there, we thought you might like that.

Awesome Walmart Commercial

Yeah, that’s right. A funny Walmart commercial. With a clown in it. Seriously.
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Girls Fighting Back

Girls can mess you up.  Be careful out there.

Get On My Horse

Congratulations! You will now have this song stuck in your head for the entire weekend. For the infinite loop version, go to www.getonmyhorse.com.
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The Angry Ginger Is Back!

This time he’s angrier and gingerier than ever!
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Holy Taco, Batman!

We were disappointed too.
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Pat Robertson Blames Haitian Quake On Satanic Pact

Well, if Pat Robertson is right (and he usually is) Haiti could use some Satanic intervention right about now to get them out of this jam. Maybe Satan would be willing to help the Haitian people out again if we just asked him nicely. All Satanic pact requests can be sent to: hung.asHell@yahoo.com. 
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Guy Has Glasses Tattooed On His Face

Trends come and they go, but one thing is for certain: this guy will never regret his new face tattoo.
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The World’s First Sex Robot Is Finally Here!

It’s what we’ve all been waiting for: the world’s first sex robot. It’s by no means perfect, and judging from the video it’s probably best to keep her on silent…wait, maybe it’s too perfect.
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