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Celebrities LOVE Barack Obama

Look, I like Barack Obama but for the love of God, he didn’t create the universe. I was half way expecting to see someone saying “I had third degree burns over 90% of my body. Barack Obama gave me his feces and I rubbed it all over my skin and the next day… my skin was like a baby’s ass.”

I love how they fit every single ethnicity into this video. I’m disappointed there wasn’t an eskimo dude in a parka holding a harpoon standing next to one of those dudes from Apocalypto, both chanting “O-BA-MA. O-BA-MA.” It’s really fortunate for Barack that his last name has three syllables. It doesn’t have the same ring to it when you chant “MC-CAIN, MC-CAIN.” Sort of just sounds like you’re chanting Mick Cane, which sounds like the name of a crusty longshoreman in New Jersey.

12 Responses to "Celebrities LOVE Barack Obama"

  1. No1Dad says:

    As someone who can’t wait til Bush leaves office, I have to say these Obama worshippers make me cringe. This video is like some kind of propaganda indoctrination film out of A Clockwork Orange. Change? Yes. Cult? No

  2. Tyler says:

    thank god malcolm jamal-warner is weighing in. i don’t really make a move until i hear what he’s doing.

  3. Riceball246 says:

    I think I’m Gay 4 Obama


  4. Mr. B says:

    Yeah, like Theo fucking Huckstable, the fag from Yellowcard, and George Lopez’s cracker barrel philosophizing are going to influence my vote.

  5. Robert Patrick, Actor says:

    I’m not going to vote for Obama simply because of this video, though tyrese singing obaaamaaaa like a lullabye is pretty amazing. He’s the voice of a generation, that Tyrese.

    Seriously, though. This is like friggin’ propaganda. And people who watch Maury Povich and WWE and still think it’s real are gonna buy into this messianic hooey.

    They got george “america’s mexican” lopez and luis guzman! there’s the latin vote. And leguizamo. there goes South Beach’s homosexual population. hilary = f*cked

    and they have the guy from yellowcard, so they have the “kids who aren’t old enough to vote” vote

    also, i love how all the white actors he got refused to sing Obama soulfully, for fear of looking more uncomfortable than they already look

    i’m voting for hilary based on that video. and i’m boycotting any film or tv show starring any of those actors who partook.

    Obama’s like, AIDs awareness to Hilary’s tampon commercial at this point. he should get Everlast to let him use “black jesus” as his campaign song

  6. Andy says:

    Why is half of this in Spanish? I’m going to vote for the candidate who supports the idea that Americans should speak english. And why the fuck would I care if Jessica Alba likes Obama. She’s got the brain of a gerbil and the talent of a chimp.

    Scratch that. I saw this chimp that could beat Russian guys in chess. I don’t know if those guys were any good at chess, but they were Russian, and chess is to Russians as SATs are to Chinese.

  7. JW says:

    Everyone is this video is a douche Nazi!

  8. Alba is tight says:

    Do those people from Black Guy Pees annoy the shit out of you, or is it just me? They’re always wearing some weird crap and I can’t really focus on them, so I get nervous like they’re putting in some type of voodoo trance. They just make me feel uneasy.

  9. david says:

    fuck obama, he goes to a church that hates white people and his middle name is the same of that guy that you know, we just hung for the whole terrorism thing?

  10. Dave says:

    wow..there were like 2 white people in this whole video and half of the people speak spanish. obama seems like a black baptist preacher too so i guess this video would fit. it’ll be so weird if that’s our next president.

  11. Osama Obama says:

    This video made it ok to go ass to mouth again.

  12. bunnymurder says:

    That video has turned me into a racist.
    Also, I thought Rico Suave was dead?

    And a personal note to Jessica Alba;

    Beware the threat of occular penetration. Tonight, you.