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8 Celebrity Autobiographies We’d Like To See

These days, celebrities are writing autobiographies as often as they’re getting DUI’s.  The problem is that most of these celebrity autobiographies are boring and stupid. Here are 8 celebrity autobiographies that we would probably read the first few pages of:

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27 Responses to "8 Celebrity Autobiographies We’d Like To See"

  1. Celeb Toast says:

    Thanks for the great post!i would love to read autobiography of Cameron Diaz.i love her.She’s one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood.


  2. Stink says:

    You realize this is Holy Taco right? Nobody gives a fuck about American Idol here. Well, mayber Mr. Xote but or Olala but that’s it.

  3. DonkeyXote says:

    Hey Stink, did you really think you’d gain some credibility by mocking Olala (one of your earlier pseudonyms) while going off at DonkeyXote?


  4. Stink says:

    I know you really want it to be true that it’s only one person under countless names mocking you. I’m quite happy to tell you that I have been none of those other monikers you wish me to be. There are many people here that enjoy kicking you in the balls. Go fuck yourself jackass.

  5. lestat_B says:

    Interesting Posts. I’d love to read autobiography of Danny Gokey. You know, I really don’t care about Danny Gokey , he isn’t in Slayer, and American Idol never has enough people singing Slayer tunes. Just kiddingmaybe. He hawked his album, My Best Days, his website, and I really don’t remember him at all, or even the season he was on. Adam Lambert and whoever it was that won are both forgettable. I wouldn’t honestly even spend anywhere close to a payday loans worth to really go to any ex-Idol’s concertsmost of them have been very forgettable. There’s only a few that have really broken wide open.

  6. DonkeyXote says:

    Have a cry, why don’t ya?


  7. Tiger Woods says:


  8. Mecca says:

    It will in a couple of months when you get your first herpie sore

  9. Just Trying to Help says:

    Hey Tigger….how’s that new meat slapping thing working out for you? Beats the shit out of having Elin beat the shit out of you, huh.

    Xote’s been doing it for years….never hear of him raiding the available bitch scene, do you.

  10. Dwight K. Schrute says:

    What can I say, Elin likes to play rough but that’s not the point here, the point is I get more pussy in a day than you ever will in your whole life and my dick don’t hurt. I guess it pays off to stay in shape, unlike most of you fat losers that can’t get your jimmy waxed for more than 1 minute before you start hyperventilating and developing cramps in your fat rolls.

    Good day to you all!

  11. Dwight K. Schrute says:

    Hey philosopher, I’m glad you finally acknowledge how superior I am to you, but how about growing a pair and sticking the name you chose to make your own huh? DonkeyXote, or are you going to be a man about it and reclame philosopher?

    Also, I would be willing to guess that most of the people here get some ass that doesn’t belong to their immediate family, unlike you punk. If you want to pick a fight with the rest of the HT commenters pick it with your own name jackass.

  12. nerd says:

    What are the chances Donkey will let me suck his johnson?

    The Nerd

  13. Donkey Xote says:

    If I could suck my own dick, this would be the least of my worries…

  14. nerd says:

    Nah, but really, it’s me, DonkeyXote.


    The Nerd

  15. DonkeyXote , says:

    First to say I AM GAY!!!!!

  16. nerd says:

    The only thing gayer than DonkeyXote is all the people posing as him. It was never funny. Shut up you cunts.

  17. Outside Observer says:

    I see DonkeyXote is trying to defend himself by posing as other people again.

    God your lame, oh and scientists have proven that it’s is impossible to be as gay or gayer than DonkeyXote. The science has been settled

  18. nerd says:

    Right, because even if DonkeyXote was theoretically posing as me, he would be doing himself a world of favors by doing the same shit that he was accusing others of doing as retarded. Thought that through a lot, didn’t ya, dipshit? I’m not vouching for that douchebag or anybody else.

    So suck on that.

    The Nerd

  19. Duh says:

    That means you too, retard

  20. Anonymousas well says:


    All the retards posting on this uber gay thread AIN’T gettin none……hahaah

  21. Wee Woods says:

    ROTFL< the Tiger Woods and Jay Leno ones are incredible. Wow.


  22. Van Dmme says:

    I can do the splits nooooo problem.

  23. Joe the Asshole says:

    That ain’t news… fucking fag

  24. pratik says:

    Jay Leno’s book title is dead on.

  25. i like stupid crap says:

    why is ellen degeneres(?) on the cover of the pink book?

  26. chupa mi culo says:

    Wow, you’re a fucking moron!