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Celebrity Christmas Letters To Santa

Just like everyone else who’s under 8-years old or totally stupid, celebrities often write letters to Santa during the holidays, providing him with a list of gifts that they hope to magically receive on Christmas morning.  Lucky for you, we managed to intercept some of these celebrity christmas letters:
Snookie, from Jersey Shore
The Late, Great Patrick Swayze

Jon Gosselin
Tiger Woods
Bernie Madoff
Barack Obama

22 Responses to "Celebrity Christmas Letters To Santa"

  1. Sucks says:

    Boooh wtf Patrick Swayze? You don’t make fun of a dead guy assholes.

  2. Mark says:

    I’m all for humor, but as someone whose father passed away from the same disease as Swayze, your joke is really fucking lame. It’s sad people are so insecure about themselves, most likely in an unconscious way, that they have to poke fun at people who’ve died of one of the most lethal diseases someone could be faced with.

  3. HurhHurh says:

    Swayze didn’t die writting the letter! He wants a lumpy boob not a “pancrea.”

  4. HurhHurh says:

    for his wife who died of breast cancer…

  5. Uncle Mikey says:

    Stop whining about this post you fucking pussies. If you don’t like it don’t read it, but stop lecturing the rest of us on what’s funny and what isn’t. I’m sorry you lost your sense of humor in the accident that knocked your dick off. Leave the rest of us the fuck out of it.

  6. CaptainAwesome says:

    Don’t deprive us of a good laugh just because we were born without souls. I think it’s dumb to let your morals get in the way of a good time.

  7. Anonymous 666 says:

    hey how do you say guido

  8. PeopleNeedtoRelax says:

    I loved Patrick Swayze too…. but that was the funniest thing I have seen in a long time.

    And I have never seen Jon Gosselin portrayed so accurately. Good one!

    I’m getting really tired of everyone complaining about every fucking thing being offensive. If you don’t like it, SKIP PAST IT! When did right to free speech mean only if everyone in the free world liked what you said?

  9. Road House says:

    screw you holy taco patrick swayze has a round house kick to the face waiting for you at the pearly gates

  10. CALI kID says:

    I can laugh at crude stuff with anyone, but that swayze one was below the belt, uncalled for.

  11. joey says:

    snookie one is fucking hilarious…

  12. edwordrules says:

    Dude, you guys are going to hell, but the Patrick Swayze one was fucking hilarious.

  13. 0mar says:

    LOL, i love the barack one. The Swayze one was great too.

  14. Olala says:

    Swayze’s was in poor taste and the Barack one could’ve been funnier. Gosslin and Tiger – spot on.

  15. T.T says:


  16. Awesome Anthony says:

    You know what else was in bad taste? The “your daughter joke”. Are you a fucking pedophile?

  17. Awesome Anthony says:

    … I mean the “Your daughter” statement. I guess I can’t consider it a joke if it wasn’t remotely funny.

  18. Olala says:

    TT how do you know what pussy tastes like, if you are gay?

  19. carpet chomper says:

    honestly, plain pussy tastes like armpit. i like to empty a few pixie sticks in there before i do the dirty. plus, eating a good pussy ensures that you can blow it on her face later (if youre into that).

  20. Irish says:

    I loved watching Snookie get punched in her pickle hole. Best GIF ever!!

  21. TWISTED says:

    Do you know when you start laughing really loud in your cubicle and then everyone you work with comes over and says what’s so funny? And you show them the Swayze list and then everyone thinks you’re a giant ahole. Well now I can’t get up because I pissed myself, that was hilarious.

  22. Other says:

    awww…it’s swayze, man. not cool.