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Celebrity Facebook Status Updates

You can tell a lot about a person by their facebook status updates, and you can tell even more about them by how their friends react to those status updates.  This is why many celebrities are turning to social media as a form of public relations, but sometimes keeping your friends in line is not easy, even if your a famous celebrity.


32 Responses to "Celebrity Facebook Status Updates"

  1. BlackZepellin says:

    Veryyy nice

  2. dumbfrick says:

    Made me lolz dude

  3. Miss Anonymous says:

    Haha lmao

  4. Rosie O says:

    Not funny :(

  5. Pranz says:

    “Even if YOUR a famous celebrity” – really? Come on holy taco!! You’re better than that!

  6. digger says:

    it’s not original colleghumor knocked it out first with their star wars ones—which were infinitely funnier than this shit

  7. turdcakes says:

    this is stoopit

  8. PQI says:

    Maybe it would be funny if they weren’t FAKE. Maybe.

  9. Tardigrade says:

    I had to look up fap. I’m getting old.

  10. jimmy says:

    its like jacking off…. but once

  11. Why Cant I Be Annonymus? says:

    How come all of the status messages were captured at 56 minutes? :P

  12. Mona Dollieeee says:

    HAHAah at the rob patinson one.
    lol wtf, an actual vampire?

  13. anela0910 says:

    WTF! THIS IS SOO FREAKIN STUPID AND WHO WOULD BE stupic enough to believe this crapp! this is sooo fake

  14. kendra joy bethune says:

    robert pattinson is single again no lie that’s going on

  15. Gissell says:

    haha u should make more of these!!!! LMFAO!!

  16. wdy says:

    why can?

    what happened with your relationship?

  17. Tits says:


  18. KingGreat says:

    Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer!

  19. KingGreat says:


  20. Hottest Chick on Holy Taco says:

    He uuuuused to beeeee a caaaavemaaaaaan… but nowwww heeeee’s a lawyerrrrrr!

  21. Blah Blah Blah says:

    Love that Rosie pic

  22. Hipphopanonymous says:

    Is that Rosie or Kalid Sheik Mohammed??

  23. FEWSDS says:

    Holy shit thats what I thought at first too

  24. I like cheese says:

    That was hilarious. You should have this at least once a month.

  25. loler says:

    tht goth chick tht said we can die together was funny as fuck lolz

  26. DonkeyXote's mother says:

    Does anyone else smell poopy..or is it my upper lip again?

  27. dayms says:


  28. Paul Ruebens says:

    It’s your entire face mom! What times Don getting home???

  29. petierobotosays says:

    i smell an ongoing series here…

  30. We all says:

    First original, funny thing I’ve seen on the Taco in months.