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That Chair Clashes With The Wall


20 Responses to "That Chair Clashes With The Wall"

  1. Mr 88 says:

    That’s one fine looking lady…too bad she might be russian or something slavic…

  2. Lt.Dan says:

    Anonymussy…Did you learn to trash people, or come up with so-called witty tactics of degredation, while you were in prison for child molestation? I can understand how you would be bitter after getting gang-fucked in the prison shower day after day! You won’t find young boy pics on here…get the fuck off Donkey, and get the fuck off HT!!! Douche-Fucking-Bag!!!

  3. Ben Affleck says:

    fucking sick! Look at that gold foil paint on the sofa trim!

    Have some standards, people.

  4. Donkey Blowes Me says:

    Why, do you want a turn?

  5. Messatsunokami says:

    She’s perfect

  6. much hotter chick says:

    finally a girl with real boobs! good job ht

  7. Barn Door says:

    Those hands are fine. Better than nasty ass cheap looking skanky ho fake fucking nails.

  8. DonkeyXote says:

    With fingernails like that, she ought to be drawing attention to her snatch, most likely tucked in nicely in a deep camel toe.

    Don’t cover up the goods babe, not with those hands!

  9. gnar on the gnar gnar says:

    who cares what her hands look like, hell i wouldn’t care if she didn’t have arms… shes too perfect

  10. Mr. Cockbag says:

    fucking hater….you have no dick

  11. DonkeyXoteâ„¢ says:

    Anonymussy, I only mention zoophilia when I use your pseudonym. But I guess you’re too much of a fucking retard to pick that up. Unlike my detractor (yes, it’s only person using various monikers), who relies on a rather boring and simplistic repertoire of one liner insults and the not-so-sporadic mum joke.

  12. Anonymussy says:

    Ewwww… where are the lean hunks from Abercrombie with those big sausage meat rolls marked on their whities??

    FYI – I also love protuberant cocks on little boys’ undewear, but that’s a whole different fetish and I served my time for that already. Right now I’m into Zoophilia, and I’M HOOKED!

  13. Anonymussy says:

    Failed. Donkey, I don’t care what you mom says, you just are not funny. There is a reason you are the perpetual target on HT. You Suck. Give up trying. YOU ARE NOT FUNNY! I’m sure trying to be the cool kid on HT is something you are striving for, but like everything else, you have failed. You ramble on trying to use words like Zoophilia in virtually so every post you have. You are not cool, funny, smart, witty or any other adjectives you want to put in front of DonkeyXote. You just suck. Try and log in under 18 different names to trash me in support of the great Donkey, but you will fail yet again. Fuck You DonkeyXote

  14. DonkeyXote's Sister says:

    Hahaha…Fuckin classic.
    Anonymussy i think i love you!

  15. Mr. Beaner says:

    I’d bang her, why not. By the way she is looking, she’s just begging for some dick.

  16. Mr, Obvious says:

    yeah, she’s totally hot. But why does her cleavage look like it’s been Photoshopped?

    Name, please.

  17. Turbo Tax says:

    But the carpet matches the drapes.

  18. shooter magavin says:

    I’m trying to go to the next pic but my dick wont let me

  19. A to M Guy says:

    She’s ight.
    I hope she swallows.

  20. Mr. Cockbag says:

    I fuck hard