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The Chat Roulette Bingo/Drinking Game

Chat Roulette is either the most awesome or the most terrible thing ever. Either way, it’s much more fun when you’re drinking, so we’ve come up with a Chat Roulette Bingo/Drinking Game. Now you’re sure to have a great time no matter how many penises you accidentally see:

14 Responses to "The Chat Roulette Bingo/Drinking Game"

  1. Sweet Bingo Card says:

    Is it alright if I post this on chatroulettevideos.com with a link back of course?

  2. apanzica says:

    this shit is perfect….but do you get to mark off yourself on the card?

  3. DonkeyXote says:

    “The Jonas Brothers”


    “A hot chick flipping the bean”


  4. DonkeyXote's Shredded Anus says:

    I love the Jonas Brothers cam. That is when DonkeyXote and his sequential hermaphrodite sister’s massive schlong share some quality time with me. Also by quality time, I mean mexican bible studies. Oh and don’t bother using any lube, it’s way to late for that.

  5. pratik says:

    God dammit now I have to get a webcam. This has so much potential for awesomeness and horror.

  6. whoever says:

    can someone explain how this game is played?
    i don’t understand when do you drink and how much you drink if you see something

  7. BigLugNuts says:


  8. oldfart says:


    Well hi their:

    My name is Ray and i am here to say that i am pleased to meet you all here today.

    (New kid on the block,just waiving a hand.)

  9. Sevendays says:

    Wow, I finally get to use the cam on my iMac for a reason besides taking pictures of my drunken friends during parties without them knowing.

  10. Sevendays says:

    Holy shit I won!

    I saw people having sex, a guy on the phone, a girls boobs (shirt on), two guys on the couch (one fat guy eating chips), and my first one was a guys flacid wiener.

    They saw my roommate playing Peggle on 360 lol

  11. vlectronica says:

    what kind of game would you make for http://peopleshuffle.com?

  12. rcd says:

    I’m just fuckin bored!!!!!!!!!!!