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Cheerleader Fight!

There are a number of important lessons to remember if you ever find yourself wrestling a cheerleader:  First, be sure to spread your legs and bend over as much as possible.  Secondly, badass MMA fighting moves will give you a decisive advantage. Lastly, it’s important to move the cheerleader wrestling match into a filthy pond as quickly as possible.

4 Responses to "Cheerleader Fight!"

  1. Shizzire says:

    That’s friggin’ HOT. When Blue mounted Red at the 1 min mark, she must of been like, “yeah baby, smell that gash”. The best part is when they start making out afterwards.

  2. miami23 says:

    Tits or GTFO. This was horrible. Not a single blow was thrown. Worst MMA fight ever, except for this involving cheerleaders.

  3. incorrect says:

    Something about this seems more like two guys in wigs and cheerleader uniforms than two actual cheerleaders.