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Cheryl Cole

Where You’ve Seen Her: Cheryl Cole has been known as one of the biggest stars of England and she was just rated the #1 Sexiest Woman In The World by FHM.  She’s in the band Aloud and is a judge for the show X-Factor.   Note that these things didn’t make her #1, it’s because she’s just a ridiculously hot english girl with an Irish accent.
Pointless Quote: "I wish I was a bloke sometimes.  There are a few things I’d like to try as a bloke…"


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  2. TheDeavil says:

    Well said old bean, I dnt like yanks my self :-D PS England rules!!!! oh and yes Cheryl I so hot :-)

  3. Cheryl Cole best bday present says:

    OMFG!!!!!!!!! Posted on my Bday thanks for the perfect bday present!

  4. ARTYFISHALL says:

    Cheryl Cole is a ropey whore. She has a funny nose with a lump on it, she has plastic false teeth, and she is a racist. She is with a black man, but that’s just for the kudos of being with a footballer. I cannot stand the slut. I think it’s also a disgrace that she’s got the cheek to be on the X Factor. The fucking bimbo cunt!

  5. The Anonymous Cunt says:

    HAHAHAHA…i always wanted to know what a Newcastle/North Eastern accent would sound like to a fucking American…but IRISH?!?! That’s absolutly classic. What the fuck would they think a proper harsh Scouse accent was?

    FACT: I got asked by 2 old, fat, obnoxious american tourists in London for some directions once – being a Sheff lad out on the lash and in London for the first (and fucking last) time, i told them i dint have a clue, then chatted to them, drunkenly, right up in their grill with those wide, terrifying eyes i get when i’m 1 gram down and 6 Stella’s in, about how much i fucking hated London and everyone that i’d met so far down there were unfreindly cunts, to which they answered “Where’s that accent from? Sweden?”. Being drunk, i took offense to this attack on my Northerness, which, somehow, in the end, lead to me spending the night in a Police cell.

    Anyway, Cheryl Cole is a filthy, filthy whore, and i would fuck her in her filthy, filthy mouth.

  6. John Collins says:

    You fucking numbskull. Bottom left is Kelly Brook. Top middle is Vida Guerra. How do dumb ass idiots like you run this website?

  7. F Choogleurs says:

    I’d like to come up her arsehole. Is this the same thing?

  8. Zbiljic says:


  9. tezzareall says:

    lol at the pic of kelly broook….cheryl WISHES she had a proper pair of tits like kelly’s instead of the little empty sacks she has got lol:P

  10. meep says:

    she’s in Girls Aloud not Aloud lol

    but fluffing fit i must say.

  11. LEWIS! says:

    I believe my claim to fame is that I went to the same school as her! She was ugly as fook then though :/ But when she was 17 18 oooowweeee she was fit as fook. She HAS had plastic surgery but who gives a fuck ill fuk her, then she goes out with that stupid smakehead Ashley Cole wtf once you go black u can necer go back!

  12. ladni says:

    jesus,give me her body

  13. AB says:

    cheryl cole is amazing….she is toooooo beautiful and sexy. i wish i could marry her and born lots of children. i wanna hold her tight, i wanna feel her, i wanna do her everything with her as his boyfriend….i love you cheryl….

  14. Bond007 says:

    Ashley Cole must be a fucking crabs-riddled mongloid. What the fuck is wrong with him? Is the sexiest cum-rag in the world not good enough for him or something? Insipid, banal-looking vacuous prick!

  15. narr says:

    cheryl is an amazing girl!! she is makin me proud to be a geodie n livn in newcastle since a ws born so dirn call her out she has enough to deal with all she wants is to be happy what has she done seriously?

  16. "Moony Anus" is an anagram of "Anonymous" says:


  17. Mr. Knowledge says:

    At least we aren’t as thick as shit like you lot!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, they’re pretty hard to come by on them interwebnets.

  19. Geordie Lee says:


  20. You suck says:

    England sucks…you all sound like you got punched in your busted ass faces anyway so whats the difference?

  21. Nony Mouse says:

    Regional English accents are like Asians: to Americans you can’t tell one apart from the other.

  22. Misanthropist. says:

    I’d wreck that chic, she’s way to emotional for my liking but if she fucks like she cries then her man is a lucky guy…… but when you consider the fact that Cole has been all up inside her she’s damaged goods….thats not to say I wouldn’t destroy her.

  23. wtf says:

    wtf, half those pics aren’t even her

  24. She says:

    WTF HT – epic fail. We British women deserve far more respect. Do some research.

  25. dunnowho says:

    They’re American, that is pretty good knowledge for them, considering all the friendly fire towards Brittish troops in Iraq. Be glad they didn’t just write Notamericastanish.

  26. Joness says:

    And that, sir, is the only fact that matters!

  27. LEWIS! says:

    monkey hanger that hartlepool dumb fucker, the town of hartlepool hung a monkey in the first or second world war cause they thought it was a german spy lololol

  28. doobiedoobiedoo says:

    She’s a fookin’ moonkiehanger!!!!

  29. youknowwho says:

    shes in a band called GIRLS aloud and she doesn’t have a irish accent its a jordie accent as shes from newcastle wich is the in the north of england. The only thing you got right was the fact that shes hot as hell!!!

  30. Tom says:

    All I know is that she’s got an amazing personality and in my opinion she’s the most stunning women in the world!!! Also she is a Geordie in the most successful girlband ever in Britain and she’s also on the xfactor 2009 and she’s launching a solo career, my god I want her so badly it hurts love you chezza!!!!!

  31. Ally says:

    I’ll forgive you stupid yanks on the whole “irish” accent and wrong band name thing, you don’t know any better, but christ some of those pictures are very clearly not her!

  32. Joness says:

    And that, sir, is the only fact that matters.

  33. LEWIS! says:

    Erm I now live in a 1.3 million pound house in Cleadon, Sunderland. If you look on the map thats in the north east. If you look at the unemployment figure there are alot more in London (even before this recession) and if you look at the crime rates, more notably murders.

  34. iNerdyCupcake says:

    I like how you’ve decided to say where you apparently live and what your area is like, did you feel you needed to prove something?

    All you proved was you care.. bless your cotton socks, you felt like being a tool.

    Cheryl is okay if it wasn’t for the fact most of where she is from have shagged her.

    Otherwise, she’s okay for her genre.. she is pretty and rather talented.

  35. chiquita says:

    That’s not an Irish accent – it’s an annoying northern England chav accent. Cheryl is white trash.

  36. Geordie Lee says:

    Steady on pet, I bet she’s fuckin nicer than you!

    PS Its Charva in Newcastle, we made it up back in the 80′s, not chav like the southern idiots have managed to chinese whisper it around in the modern day! One of you must have heard it wrong, but well done, it caught on I suppose.

  37. Mr. Knowledge says:

    Actually, “chav” is derived from the Romany Gypsy word “chavo”, meaning boy.

    You knuckle dragging northerners need to stay in school past the age of 6 and get a proper education like us wealthy, intellectual southerners!

  38. spaz says:

    Cool story, bro.

  39. Geordie Lee says:

    Class again


    Pointless Quote: “I wish I was a bloke sometimes. There are a few things I’d like to try as a bloke…”

    Like nailing Cheryl Cole?

  41. Henry VIII says:

    Stupid yanks.Some of those pictures aren’t even Cheryl Cole. Don’t even get me started onthe “irish” part.

  42. stevski says:

    only a fag would point out issues with the correctness of the text rather than look at picture!

  43. spaz says:

    Holy Shit!?! There was text?

  44. lolwtfkek says:

    “english girl with an Irish accent.”

    lolwtfkek fail.