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Cheryl Cole/Tweedy

cheryl tweedy sexy bikini

Age: 24

Where you’ve seen her: Cheryl Cole is in some crappy English girl group called The Spice Girls Aloud…or something. Also, since she’s married to soccer/footballer megastar Ashley Cole, she won FHM’s “Sexiest Footballer’s Wife.” I’m not sure what the trophy for that award looks like, but I hope it’s a a large foot going up David Beckham’s ass. (I know that wouldn’t make much sense, but I just want to see that trophy.)

Pointless quote that explains why she has two names: “I will now be known as Cheryl Cole. After all, if my friend in an office married her boyfriend, she’d take his name – and I don’t see there’s any difference with me.

cheryl tweedy cole sexy bikini cheryl tweedy cole sexy bikini cheryl tweedy cole sexy bikini cheryl tweedy cole sexy bikini

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6 Responses to "Cheryl Cole/Tweedy"

  1. Buddy Ice says:

    She’s all that, and a bag of chips. A bag of Munchos to be exact.

  2. tulmkr says:

    That cameltoe has a bigger set of lips than Nikki Cox

  3. chad2bert says:

    shes creepy she looks like saya the crazy japaneese doll, and is she singing into a vibrator?

  4. lisa says:

    Needless to say, she has very cute boobs!! lots pretty chicks like her should be very famous on the tall dating site: ___Tall mingle___. Maybe she can join to attend the boobs session to attract tall guys!! at least, that’s what my bros and i happen to know!!

  5. shes fit says:

    she is sooo hot

  6. Sophie says:

    # TrU3 GeOrDii3 ThiiS GiiRLii3 LyK

    # TheSe HvNt Gt a CluE WhAt Th3r3 oN AbOut CheZZa C
    YoU JsT ThinK AbOuT YoUr CoRi3r FoRgEt WhAT PpL ThInK AbOut YoU
    YoU Ar3 AN InSp3RaTiOn To All YounG LaSses In Th3 NoRtH3aSt !!!

    ## DnT U FoRg3T ThAt ##