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The Chicas Are For Fun

I really miss the WWF. A bunch roided-up dudes who are the world’s worst actors…given jobs as actors. Now it’s just a bunch of roided-up dudes killing their families or dying in their 30s. It’s just not the same anymore.
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4 Responses to "The Chicas Are For Fun"

  1. Gustavo says:

    What’s up with the background porn music? Actually the whole scene looks like a introduction for a porn movie. I was expecting that the “chica” would engage in a bj.

  2. Dom says:

    WOW!! Two things, Razor Ramon was a fucking badass! and two, That dude (minus the accent) Is the perfect looking Punisher.

  3. KarmaRocketX says:

    You are an asshole. Your ignorant, overly simplistic view on wrestling is neither remotely accurate, informed, intelligent, nor funny.

    Side note: Razor Ramon was awesome.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Scott Hall in every incarnation was awesome and one of the most talented ring technicians of his generation.