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Chicks Gettin’ it on – A Gallery

We’d like to celebrate our  independence with a gallery of one of the many things that makes this such a great nation: chicks gettin’ it on. You’re welcome. Happy 4th of July!


35 Responses to "Chicks Gettin’ it on – A Gallery"

  1. sexy.lezy.Xoe((: says:

    thats hott(:

  2. hioyt says:

    this is aswome

  3. nonos45 says:

    bien jolie les filles trop de vetements domage

  4. MistressACrowley says:

    Those fat chicks make me want to vomit in my shoes!

  5. Destiny says:

    Retarded. First that girls even pose like that just to get attention. Second of all taht you would fantasize about it. Umm hello, if they wanted dick, they would be with dick. Why dont you look at man on man?? Youd have more odds of getting in on it :)

  6. JCampos says:

    Damn why it always hast to end so bad

  7. bla says:

    5 bucks says destiny is still a virgin

  8. Yo' face says:


  9. MrKillson says:

    May god bless drunk college chicks.

  10. Shizzire says:

    Those fat chicks with the mcdonalds… I’d take either one of them right now… As long as they brought me a big mac.

    Meany 1,666

  11. Alex (AG7) says:

    JAJAJA They All End Terrible!
    Ahh My Eyes!

  12. Miss Anonymous says:


  13. cheroke says:

    Muuuyyy exitante, me hicieron q se me parara la verga, ahora tengo q hacerme una puñeta. pinches viejas putas, asi me las kisiera agarrrar para clavarles todo lo que se llama verga, a ver qué de gritos pegan. que me excriban. cherok_e@hotmail.com

  14. nbrln says:

    very sexy party girls thanxx

  15. DaveLovesBacon says:

  16. DaveLovesBacon says:

    ^^^^^ That is me speechless

  17. tech says:

    just like every girl should take it in the ass

  18. bruno says:


  19. Dread Fred says:

    That last one was really hot…”I’m Lovin It”

  20. philosopher says:

    there… is… a god…

  21. bob says:

    yeah, and the last pic is proof theres a duchebag working at holytaco :|

  22. Mr. Obvious says:

    Greatest gallery ever.

    Except for that last picture… my eyes, oh, my eyes.

  23. Anonymous says:

    That thing that just went zooming over your head was “the point.”

  24. uuuuuuuuu says:

    who said they were trying to lose weight?

  25. Anonymouse says:

    Youd think there would be a point at which the girls in the last picture thought
    “ya know, om nom nom, maybe this, nom nom, McDonalds diet isnt, nom, exactly, nom nom, working out, nom”
    but apparently not


  26. Nasty Girl says:

    Nothing beats Nude Webcam Girls getting nasty live and direct!

  27. joycekane says:

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  28. ThatGuy says:

    is it just me or do we need to ban all the spammers and then repeatedly assrape them with a porcupine?

  29. LexingtonSteele says:

    I already got snipped a few years ago. One point to pass on. Wait the two weeks to start doin it again. I was moseying like a cowboy for a few weeks. They removed it anyways. I should of kept my mouth shut. I’ll use the code word “hot garbage” next time.

  30. Hooty Hoo says:

    I don’t know whats worse. You looking that hard to find a nipple or the fact you’re so excited you found one. Your pathetic comments are no better here than they are at WWTDD. Do the world a favor and take yourself out of the gene pool.

  31. LexingtonSteele says:

    I see nipple! The chick on the bottom of the picture with the black tee shirt hanging over the headboard. You’re welcome.

  32. Bob2190 says:

    Hey look! A bunch of daddy’s money lesbians!

  33. BigBen28 says:


  34. callmeDADDY says:

    wtf?! Just white girls?! Man…. “/

  35. Anonymousbob says:

    Really where are the Asians and Plutonians