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Smokin’ Hot Chicks – A Gallery

On Monday cbsnews.com ran this article which stated that a new poll suggests 41 percent of Americans would support legislation to legalize it. On Tuesday, Esquire.com ran this interview with Massacheusetts Congressman Barney Frank, one of the lawmakers leading the charge for decriminalization. So today, not to be outdone, we’re giving you an entire gallery devoted to hot chicks smoking. Enjoy!


53 Responses to "Smokin’ Hot Chicks – A Gallery"

  1. Smokey says:

    pic of granny doing pales made me laugh & I spilled my bong :(

  2. Wilford Brimley says:

    It seems to me that you guys have more pictures in this gallery than any other in recent memory. Maybe you should start thinking more about titties instead of doobie smack joints.

  3. Pickuplinechamp says:


  4. That Jackass says:



  5. An0nymous says:

    marijuana isnt a drug, just sayin…

  6. pgoss says:

    needs more pictures of girls smoking blunts. blunts are sexier than bongs and pipes

  7. Greenman says:

    I don’t know guys. Nothing hotter than some chick wrapping her hands around a 4 foot glass dick and shoving her face into it. Well, maybe one other thing she could shove into her face.

  8. Jimmy Johnson says:

    I doubt most of those chicks could haul that shit. Maybe the ugly ones, but the hot ones; no.

  9. .... says:

    ugh! these girls were SMOKIN hot but the fact they’re smoking ruins that.(some of them didn’t look likemthey were really smoking but that’s just me)

  10. JoJo, the six fingered boy says:

    HT, you were not out done. The depth of your knowledge on the subject is deep. You research, superb. Thank you, thank you, thanks you. Plus not fatties or fegs. I’ll let one token g-ma slide.

  11. I WAS THAT DOG says:


  12. myspace.com/kingsinpieces says:



  13. myspace.com/kingsinpieces says:

    Flip on some gay porn and go play with your tickle-stick you panzy.

  14. Serinity says:

    I’m a reefer smokin’ fiend, educated, reinstated as the pussy pokin’ king

  15. douche drizzle says:

    Check your blood sugar. Check it often.

  16. Anomynous says:

    We know, we know, you used to suck dick for coke …

  17. Exile says:

    The only thing Bawney Fwank will legalize is pole smoking. Give it up stoners.

  18. Ron Paul says:

    I approve.

  19. coco7wewe says:


  20. abd123 says:

    promote smoking,nice aol

  21. bong! says:

    Take the cock out of your mouth…we can’t understand you…

    courser lest

  22. That Jackass says:


  23. Lalala says:

    pigtail girl is fucking trailer trash

  24. Canadian_KC says:

    Well you aspire to be a male cheerleader. I know it and you do too. Take of your sisters spankies cause your Mom is on her way home.

  25. Satans Sex Slave says:

    I don’t smoke hardly at all anymore but this gallery makes me fucking horney bitches!!!!!

    **lights up spliff and takes pants off**

  26. ForeTwinny says:

    Nice gallery. First and last pics are my favorite.

    Like to smoke? Check this video out.


  27. Sara says:

    Okay… I know it isn’t TECHNICALLY illegal for you to post pictures of 16 year old girls calling them hot (or in lingerie (girls on their knees post)), but it should be, and you should probably use discretion. I am a consenting adult who likes to look at hot WOMEN, and I don’t want my buzz to be ruined by a 16 year old girl who makes me feel dirty. If they look under 21, don’t post the picture, man. It isn’t worth killing my buzz.

  28. learntaswim says:

    America was founded on rebellion. We are just behind the times when it comes to drug laws, and these pictures are definitely fap worthy. What a bunch of whiney vaginas lets throw ‘em all in jail.

  29. suburbannmisfits says:



    1. Pot is “TECHNICALLY” illegal. Your statement is irrelevant. They are already doing something illegal. Why do you care about their age and the legality of posting their pictures and not about what they are doing to their ‘child’ bodies. Einstein.

    2. You are making the assumption that they are indeed 16. I’m 22 and I still look a lot younger than I really am. There is no proof of age on these pictures. That is all I will say.
    You know what they say about people who assume.

    3. Obviously you are an old dirty man if you even care. You’re on the wrong website. Go Google ‘smokin grandmas’. That’ll get your engine going you 40 year old virgin. ALSO: if you to get “TECHNICAL” 16 year olds who have gotten their period are TECHNICALLY women. they are able to bear children.

    and 4. No one gives a flying fxck about your buzz. Please refer to #3.

    *daily trolling complete*

    ON TOPIC: mary jane FTW.

  30. Serinity says:

    I’m a reefer smokin feind. Educated, reinstated as the pussy pokin king.

  31. P says:

    remove the dick from your mouth before you begin to type thomas…….

  32. Canadian_KC says:

    I’ve met people like you in my life. They generally sit back not doing shit for society while crticising it.I got an idea go break the law today and have fun. Maybe you wont die a virgin you twat.

  33. myspace.com/kingsinpieces says:

    Listen here Tomas, you need to shut your spunk hole and quit being a cum guzzler. These girls are hot as hell (less the last one.)


  34. Thomas says:

    Whether it will become legal or not is irrelevant. These girls are breaking the law and it’s despicable.

  35. Greenman says:

    Hey Thomas….you left your tampons out on the counter again.

  36. hiiii says:

    cry police

  37. Ya boi Ron says:

    Every smokin hot chicks gallery you guys do gets better and better after every gallery.

  38. donkey punch says:

    *insert political statement about pot here*


  39. That Jackass says:

    I would concur

  40. marv says:

    I’m a regular smoker but I don’t think it should be legalized. Kids shouldn’t grow up thinking it’s ok to be loaded all the time, and legalizing it will lead to that. It would be bad for society.

  41. champ of the people says:

    Don’t legalize it, I say. Not cause I’m against weed or anything I don’t really care. But, if it’s legalized, government will tax the hell of it and prices will go up to ridiculous levels. So, don’t go broke, illegally toke.

  42. bong! says:

    Yes because we all know that there are NO alcoholics in the worlds. Prohibition took care of all of that.

  43. bob (rull talk) suarez says:

    yeah thats a good point, statistics will show that deaths related to alcohol during the time of prohibition had a dramatic rise. i say legalize it, at least for a little while, and see how it goes i heart marijuana

  44. ... says:

    well……pull the long arm of the law out of your ass, and get over it fag, because it’s totally HOT!

  45. r.kels24 says:

    The chicks were hot too bad them smoking totally ruined it for me.

  46. FUNKZILLA says:

    Go smoke a pole and lose this web address…. herb cake.

  47. myspace.com/kingsinpieces says:

    What are you? Some kinda cock shiner? Quit being such a douche bag.


  48. That Jackass says:

    …To be an idiot monkey banging assraped fucktard

  49. Mike Toomay says:


  50. styls says:


  51. Jelly Roll says:

    Best. Gallery. Ever.

  52. Modest says:

    I’m all for the end of “The War On Drugs” and the legalization of weed but Barney Frank is the wrong guy to be heading this.

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