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Children Perform Scarface For School

Best. School. Play. Ever.
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11 Responses to "Children Perform Scarface For School"

  1. Findangle says:

    Shut up “Bitch…Lesbian!!”

  2. iB says:

    Is this socially acceptable now?

  3. Tom says:

    Teacher and parents need to take a look at what they are condoning. Another case of parents not being able to say no.

  4. Mrs. Fields says:

    Preform? Wow. Ps I’m number 1!

  5. roxy says:

    lol scar, i think it is the same school that mispelled their school on the road http://www.epiclosers.com/load/fail_pictures/spelling_school_fail/8-1-0-489

  6. Felatio Pain says:

    Looks like all of these kids…

    (removes sunglasses)

    …are gonna be scarred for life.


  7. DonkeyXote. says:

    Hey, can I…

    (unzips your zipper)

    …scuk your dick?


  8. GMadness says:

    Top notch! Takes cogones for the teachers to even think of havin’ kids pull that off. Well played indeed.

  9. Anonymousy says:

    what is all this gayness?

  10. Hong Kong Fuey says:

    As a parent, I’m shocked and appalled…that I didn’t think of this first! That shit is awesome!

  11. DonkeyXote says:

    Waste ‘em Tony, waste those motherfuckers!!!