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Choreographed Dances Make God Happy

Religious Dudes Can Break Dance – Watch more free videos

Sometimes when you love something a lot, the only way to really show that love is through a choreographed song and dance. I’ve been working on one for Yogurt and Green Onion Kettle Chips, but it’s not finished yet.

I really, really hope that the main dude in this video was like a bad ass break dancer who did a bunch of coke and banged a ton of chicks. Then one day during a break dance battle he lost his cool and killed a rival dancer who taunted him with a 360 head spin and a nut grab in his direction. Then in jail, a priest told him that God has given him the gift of being able to do the robot, and that that gift must be used for good, or to warm up crowds before the Shamu show at Sea World, but definitely not evil.

11 Responses to "Choreographed Dances Make God Happy"

  1. mickey says:

    Watching it in fast-forward is even better…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Looks like Bill Clinton on keyboard

    God that is the freakiest shit I have seen in along while

  3. Jordan says:

    lol the guy in the background actually making the beat just tops the video off.

  4. new believer says:

    Oh, wow i never really knew the true meaning of christianity till just now. You can still be a christian and be really cool. Can someone here teach me to be a Christian?

  5. Nasta says:

    My God doesn’t let me dance because I disturb my neighbours.

  6. Josh says:

    haha I couldn’t believe that miley cyrus thing was on here, and now it’s already gone.

  7. holycow says:

    that hurts to watch, watching this brings back all the emotions that accompanied all the embarrassing things i’ve done all at once.

  8. Mr. Balls says:

    Fuck that guy, check out that hot piece of blonde ass on the left. I’d bang that shit like a drum. You can tell just from here calves that is a grade A piece of ass.

  9. Ali says:


  10. Pratik says:

    All that’s missing is an animated Peter Griffin and Mr. Cluck falling from the roof and killing the dude in the middle, as they continue their never-ending fistfight.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Was it me or did the guy in the middle look a little like Patrick Batmen from American Psycho?