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Chris Brown Explains Himself in GIF Form

Hey everyone!

So there are a lot of rumors going around about what happened this weekend.  Let me set things straight once and for all. People got the wrong idea about me!  I was a hero this weekend, straight up!  Here’s how it went down;

Me and my crew arrived looking to have a jolly good time.  Things were alright until I spotted a monster!

Gasp!  I gasped.  It was shocking in the extreme.  I felt my blood begin to boil as this dread chupacabra lurched towards not just me, but innocent bystanders.  I stood my ground and demanded the terror retreat.

But lo, the monster crept forth!  What was I to do?  It was time to spring into action.  First, a spot check to make sure my douche was in place.

And then, verbal expression of my intent!

I had hoped my threat would be enough, but alas it was not.  I was loathe to resort to fisticuffs, not being the physical sort, but the fact was this terrible monster was going to do Lord knows what if I didn’t stop it.  I had one choice.


The day was won!  I had saved the civilians from the darkness!

The crowds, they cheered my name!

And I offered them the greatest gift I had to give.  My friendship.  My smile.  Me.  God, I’m a good person.


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