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Christmas Gift


38 Responses to "Christmas Gift"

  1. Boppy says:

    ass to mouth with this bitch – yeehaa, she loves the taste of her poop.

  2. Boppy says:

    This girl comes as a distant second to the one I’d really love to do ass to mouth with, which is none other than Rutherfoo. He loves the taste of his own poop. As do I.

  3. AnonymousDude says:

    you guys are all fucking homos. this chick sucks. not hot at all. more alessandra ambrosio and go eat a dick bitches

  4. DonkeyXote says:

    Whoever set that photo shot with such a humungus ribbon needs to be shot in the face, nine times.

  5. Me again says:

    The truth of the matter is she’s been married for six years and her husband is tired of f*cking her. She needs to lure him in with cheap tricks like this.

  6. Say says:

    Is this the new Lexus ad?

  7. Santa's Elf says:

    I’ll take two!

  8. Capt. Thick says:

    hoe hoe hoe, just what i always wanted.

  9. Santa Claus says:

    Nice… Gift!

  10. Santa Claus says:

    Disgusting Gift! Girls are yucky.

  11. Santa Claus says:

    shut the fuck up you stupid name thief!

  12. RacistWhiteman says:

    What the fuck happened to her face?

  13. Santa Claus says:

    it got that way when she saw the tiny size of your dick … disappointed…

  14. Santa Claus says:

    I sniff my mothers dirty panties.

  15. Your mom's lover says:

    STFU Retarded bitches

  16. Distracted says:

    She has a face?

  17. threjoko says:


  18. threjoko says:


  19. NattyTheNaturalKilla says:

    Where’s mine?!

  20. Hugh Jorgan says:

    Natty and Natural are the same thing….

  21. NattyTheNaturalKilla says:

    Shows how much you know about beer, douchebag. Go back to sipping warm milk.

  22. BigFatBitchTittiesFromDrinkingBeer says:

    Shows how much you know about beer, douchebag. Go back to sipping warm milk.

  23. WTF says:


  24. WTF says:


  25. sex-pun guy says:

    best present ever

  26. sex-pin guy says:

    Not really! The best present ever is a wall mounted dildo with special barbs that allow it to only go deeper into my butthole.

  27. RahFul says:

    Ugh, ….fattie

  28. tlester4130 says:

    jealous much?

  29. RahFul says:

    Ya, I often wish I was a fat and disgusting whore like this cunt is …you sure hit the nail on the head you douche bag.

  30. Douchebag says:

    that ribbon is gonna burn.

    fattie???? she’s skinny to normal not fattie. though i would have to say that the room’s lighting casts some odd shadows on her face making her look a bit blemished.

  31. Douchebag says:

    I want ten guys to cum in my mouth at the same time while I fuck a monkey.

  32. Douchebag says:

    only if they have herpes

  33. Billy says:

    I’d like to lick that ribbon right in the area that came in contact with her pussy and her asscrack and then stick my tongue right in her A-hole

  34. tlester4130 says:

    too far, i promise….

  35. Michael Bay's Cock Milk says:

    Who is this chick??

  36. Michael Bay's Cock Milk says:

    She looks like a fucking nasty bitch. Why can’t HolyTaco post more cock pix!

  37. Michael Bay's Cock Milk says:

    Nice try, impersonator.