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Christopher Walken Performs Lady Gaga’s Poker Face

This just proves that Christopher Walken can read anything and make it funny. He could read my grandmother’s obituary, detailing a gruesome gang rape and I’d still probably shoot milk out of my nose. 
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7 Responses to "Christopher Walken Performs Lady Gaga’s Poker Face"

  1. queeftard's retarded vaginal fart's gay butt sex partner says:

    Quit licking his asshole. You’re supposed to be licking mine. And you better have the buttplug I let you borrow, motherfucker.

  2. pratik says:

    I say have Morgan Freeman do it as well, and then have a drunken argument over which one would be more awesome.

  3. queeftard's retarded vaginal fart says:

    TOTALLY AGREE!!!!! This would be epic.

  4. queeftard's retarded vaginal fart says:

    I had that buttplug, but now I can’t find it and I haven’t pooped in a week. Also, can I borrow your genital warts cream AGAIN? I wish you’d just be honest with me about getting some strange.

  5. sexy gang rape fuck ass wants to lick your vagina taco3 says:

    this is fucking hilarious

  6. asdasdasd says:

    who doesn’t love christopher walken

  7. garth says: