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Clap Your Hands, Please.


37 Responses to "Clap Your Hands, Please."

  1. YesItsLexiBelle says:

    pronstar, she post this tweet on her twitter


  2. darkman71 says:

    You bad girl you!

  3. billy says:


  4. frustrated prick says:

    i’d use those shackles to hang her up on the ceiling.
    looking at her cumcraving face every time i’d wake up.

    love you!!! :-)

  5. Mudbutt says:

    I’d like to post a tweet on her twitter.

  6. jim says:

    jesus of nazareth!

    It seems like chains could be attached to each of those lil collar things, I want to chain her up so bad, which is strange cause bondage repulses me.

    Btw, it’s Lexi Belle.

  7. Body Massage says:


    i was doing that yesterday!

  8. Senor TubeSteak says:

    Hot chick….with shackles…in what looks like an empty office building…… FTW

  9. russ says:

    the toilets back there on the left, oooppss yeah, ok its my flat, i wish sarah would stop doing this to me

  10. Phil O'Sopher says:

    No words can describe this….except the clap thingy.

  11. sky says:

    Is there an app for moving her conveniently placed limbs?

  12. Yea boiii says:

    Shes very cute and gots an awesome petite body, very nice

  13. mark says:

    move hand and take picture angain

  14. anonymous1 says:

    thanks for the tip. she’s ridiculous

  15. Mr. McTono says:

    Dang! I’d bone that girl until she tono tono tono tono, then I’d tono tono tono her tono tono tono tono tono tono.

  16. John says:

    fuck me~* lol

  17. Trini says:

    Sorry, your hand was in the way. Can you take another pic.

  18. OB269 says:

    SKY: 1
    HT: 1

  19. PeekUpTheKimono says:

    Why do these pictures always look like they were taken in some run down construction site?

  20. Rick says:

    Thank you for this.

  21. KDG says:

    possibly Lexi Belle. pornstar. lexi belle looks like her anyways. I watch alot of porn.

  22. dfhyaghdfs says:

    Thats not lexi belle.

  23. Philosopher Redux says:

    seriously, who is this chick? i would give my left nut to get with her…if it wasnt already in philosophers mouth…

  24. Ding Master Dong says:

    Thought so too…. could be Lexi. She’e into a lot of weird stuff

  25. fuck u says:

    u fucking ass hole perv fuck u fuck u

  26. Ronald McDonald says:

    Holy Shit, is that a White iPhone!?!?

    Also she’s hot!

  27. Anonamoose says:

    Slight improvement for philosopher.

    But, from what I see she has being fetish. She can wash me with her golden showers anytime.

  28. Anonamoose says:

    My English teacher sucked! I meant she has a peeing fetish. Peeing…urinating on men…like me.

  29. Darvon Painkiller says:

    Ahh..but what is the sound of one hand clapping?

  30. Sir A~ says:

    The sound of 1 hand clapping?… well lets put it like this… it’s the same sound as 1 man masterbating LoL!…

  31. Mudbutt says:

    If they did “comment of the week” anymore, this one would be a shoo in.

  32. aPlateOfGrapes says:

    She’s probably got the clap under one of her hands…

  33. philosopher says:

    even if she won’t clap her hands, I got to applaud this pic

  34. NassT says:

    Thats a sweet pho…
    Hey did you guys notice there’s a girl in this picture!

  35. noahaction says:

    “Hi, welcome to the Genius Bar”

  36. pratik says:

    Inner monologue describing what this could be about:

    Naked girl thinking…
    “Good thing I was able to break these clamps off my wrists and ankles using that pedophile’s teeth… got lucky that he had a teeth-grinding fetish. I guess I shouldn’t have left him in the other room bleeding so profusely from the gums like that, but fuck him. Shit, I don’t even know where I am! Oh, he has an iPhone on him… I’ll bring up Google Earth and try to figure out where I am while posing like *this*.”

    To be continued (maybe)…