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Classic Crush: 27 Photos of Nancy Cameron, ’70s Playboy Playmate

April 22, 2014 | 12:53 pm

Born March 15th, 1954, in Pittsburgh, former gymnast Nancy Cameron was plucked out of obscurity at the age of 19 when she was chosen as Playmate of the Month for Playboy‘s 20th Anniversary Issue in January 1974. Her appearance in the magazine was somewhat groundbreaking, as the January ’74 issue was the first to feature a double-sided centerfold, with Nancy shot from the front on one side and from behind on the other. You can see those classic photos (and lots more) in the gallery above. Since most of these shots feature Nancy with some or all of her clothes off, this gallery is NSFW.

In the profile accompanying her Playboy pictorial, Nancy lists her turn-ons as “dogs and classic cars,” her turn-offs as “people who smoke,” and describes her ideal man as “Someone working in law, politics or entertainment who’s honest, open-minded and with a good sense of humor.” Her ambitions are “Peace of mind, success and an opportunity to help others.” She names Poseidon Adventure, A Clockwork Orange, and The Sound of Music as her favorite movies. (Quite a wide range, there.) Her measurements are listed at 35-23-35.

Following her brief career as a nude model, Nancy Cameron was featured on several episodes of Charlie’s Angels, and made appearances in the pilot for Fantasy Island and the made-for-TV movie Three on a Date. She now teaches college composition at the University of Pittsburgh, and she’s probably still a total babe at age 60.

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